Multiple sclerosis drug helps coronavirus patients recover by 79%

British researchers have confirmed that there is a drug that is usually prescribed To treat multiple sclerosis Help reduce the risk of serious illness from the Coronavirus, but more research is needed to show whether the drug, which calms the immune system, can really help people with severe coronavirus infection. Wofka Lashbk ” CNN“The American […]

3 things increase your risk of contracting Corona again … Infograph

The second infection with the Coronavirus may occur to many people around the world, so far there is no immunity against this epidemic, and although patients who have been cured of Corona acquire antibodies after infection, we do not really know how long the antibodies will last, in This video learns about the things that […]

Twins in Argentina Create Incredible Social Distancing Device … Video

Al-Ghad TV aired a video report showing that Twaman has invented an amazing device in Argentina to help with social distancing. Corona Virus one more time. The video stated that, as part of the efforts to combat the emerging corona virus, two young men from Argentina at the age of 16 have developed a vaginal […]

No one referred Marjolein to the lung physiotherapist

“I’m having a bad day,” gasps Marjolein Pauly, 30. She walks on the treadmill of her physiotherapist in Eindhoven for a few minutes and gets off puffing. “I didn’t sleep well last night. I notice that now. ” Pauly went through corona more than two months ago, but the recovery is extremely difficult. She is […]