Hundreds of Body Found Again in India’s Ganges River, From Where?

New Delhi – Ganges River of India returned to reveal hundreds of buried corpses. There are allegations that the bodies died in April and May as India was struggling with the surge in COVID-19 cases. The seasonal flooding that is now hitting the Ganges River has caused the shallow graves there to erode. Hundreds of […]

Hundreds of Corpses Resurface in India’s Ganges River

New Delhi – Hundreds of bodies were found floating in the Ganges River, India. Seasonal flooding in the Ganges River is thought to have caused shallow graves to erode and reveal the bodies. As reported by AFP, Sunday (27/6/2021), the edge area the river Ganges Previously it was also the location of graves for bodies […]

Infected with black fungus, three children in India must lose their eyes

Jakarta – Case black mushroom or mucormycosis continues to spread and become a pandemic in India. Even now the cases have reached more than 10,000 amid the COVID-19 which is still high. As is known, mucormycosis it can attack humans with weakened immune systems, including COVID-19 patients. This infection is also very risky in those […]

Corona Storm in India Frustrated Doctors to Suicide

Jakarta – Storm Corona of India also affects health workers. A doctor The 36 year old killed himself in frustration after working in the ICU for about a month. He is Dr. Vivek Rai, a doctor at a private hospital in the capital India, New Delhi. Dr Rai is from the state of Uttar Pradesh, […]

Covid-19 in India is raging, the government silences critical voices

NEW DELHI, – Government India ask Twitter to remove dozens of tweets criticizing the handling of the outbreak corona virus in India. The request was made by the Indian government after the country recorded the worst number of cases Covid-19 in a day. As a result, many people including politicians and local parliamentarians criticized […]

Armed with Torches, Citizens of India Crowds “Expel” Covid-19

MALWA, – A group of citizens in Madhya Pradesh, India, en masse “expel” Covid-19 use field. The South Asian country is currently facing a second wave of the coronavirus, with a significant increase in cases and daily deaths. Experts have warned that keeping your distance, washing your hands frequently, and wearing a mask are […]

Corona in India Worsens, Many Patients Are Now Young

NEW DELHI, – Pandemic Covid-19 India is getting worse, and many of the patients are young. Some doctors suspect that people under the age of 45 are susceptible to catching it because they go to work and eat out frequently, but there is no definite evidence. Young children could also be more susceptible to […]