Beke: ‘4 million vaccines by the summer’

By this summer, our country will have 4 million vaccines against the corona virus available, says Flemish minister Wouter Beke. He expects the vaccination plan to be approved tomorrow. The various competent Ministers of Health will meet again tomorrow to discuss the vaccination strategy of our country. That was already the case this morning, but […]

Vandenbroucke concludes corona bet – De Standaard

“I’ll make a bet with you.” It’s not often happened that a federal minister explicitly bet on TV, as you can see in the video above. But Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke (Sp.a) ventured into such a prediction on the Seventh Day. He is convinced that our country will succeed in making the distribution and […]

Van Ranst: ‘Everything stands or falls with the contacts at home’

Yes, the virologists are satisfied with the new government measures. This is actually a lockdown, says Marc Van Ranst, who asks again to stay in our room and to limit the number of contacts. Van Ranst is satisfied with the new measures taken by the federal government to slow down the corona virus, he said […]

What questions do you have about new measures and lockdown?

After the weekend, our country will be in ‘strict lockdown’. Prime Minister Alexander De Croo announced this on Friday evening. This stricter lockdown involves a great many measures, almost all of which will apply at least until December 13th. (Click here for an overview of all measures) Do you have a question? Mail them to […]

Overview | Tightened new lockdown in Belgium: these are …

The Consultation Committee met on Friday under crushing pressure to tighten the lockdown in Belgium. Non-essential shops and holiday parks are closing, the autumn holidays are extended and only one close contact is allowed to visit your home at a time. Despite the measures that the governments in our country took to contain the new […]

The Consultation Committee will decide on this tomorrow

Tomorrow the Consultation Committee will present the long-awaited corona barometer. At the same time, more stringent measures are very likely to be announced. An overview. Our neighboring countries are tightening considerably. In the Netherlands there is a ‘partial lockdown‘and closes the catering industry, in French cities there is a curfew and the cafes are closed. […]

Modest protest from international couples in Brussels: ‘P …

On Sunday morning, about 50 people gathered in Brussels to protest against the new corona measures for couples in a long-distance relationship. Those measures have not yet been finalized. “The condition to be in a relationship for at least two years is arbitrary and old-fashioned.” An estimated fifty to sixty people gathered at the Federal […]