These sensors help autonomous driving achieve a breakthrough

Düsseldorf Everything revolves around an actually inconspicuous, rectangular, black box. But beneath the surface is a laser technology that has been worked on for decades and that will soon become indispensable for the entire automotive industry. We are talking about lidar sensors. They are the indispensable key to the gigantic market for automated driving. Every […]

CATL News: Number one in batteries

– VW electric cars The car company is deepening its relationship with the Chinese battery manufacturer CATL. – (Photo: dpa) – – – – Düsseldorf A good ten years ago, Robin Zeng was actually quite satisfied. His company ATL did relatively decent business, selling lithium-ion batteries to cellphone and computer manufacturers. With annual sales equivalent […]

Zidane’s plan to win the League (and how the squad sabotages it)

20/12/2020 12:00 – Updated: 12/20/2020 1:10 PM – To talk about Zinédine Zidane’s Real Madrid is to talk about Real Madrid of the four European Cups in five seasons (one as second to Carlo Ancelotti), but also focus on the reassessment of leagues as the tournament of regularity versus the uniqueness suggested by the Champions […]

schedule and where to watch on TV and online

The group stage of the Europa League has ended and the 32 qualified teams They are now waiting to meet their rivals for the final phase of the second UEFA continental tournament. Though the big favorites have passed to this round of the competitionBy names and history, the most striking results left by the classification […]

Conti workforce demonstrates with a motorcade in Offenbach

Corona-compliant: rally by Continental employees from Babenhausen am Bieberer Berg in Offenbach Picture: The man Bergmann – 1000 employees of the automotive supplier Continental from Babenhausen went to Offenbacher Kaiserlei in protest against massive job cuts. “What do we do, we stay here” included as a battle cry. – NAnd the battle cry has become […]

No more frightening of all-season tires. The Czech test proved their abilities

Of course, it is still a better solution to put the car in high-quality winter tires during this period and replace them with special summer tires in the spring, however, year-round tires may not be bad at all, especially in winter. A new test showed it. Eight special winter tires and seven all-season tires. They […]

Continental works council chairman on car companies in corona crisis

Dhe chairwoman of the group works council at the automotive supplier Continental, Hasan Allak, accuses the German car companies of significantly exacerbating the problems in the industry through their behavior in the Corona crisis. “The car companies are currently losing their sales and thus their returns,” Allak said on Friday in an interview with the […]

China approves the internal use of COVID-19 vaccine in its Army

China approved on Monday the internal use in the Army of the new coronavirus vaccine developed by the Military Scientific Institute and the Chinese biopharmaceutical company CanSino Biologics. The company, based in the northeast city of Tianjin, indicated that his new recombinant coronavirus vaccine (Ad5-nCoV adenovirus vector) was approved by the Army on June 25 […]

Continental brings a reduction in collective working hours into play

Düsseldorf, Stuttgart The forecast is terrifying: Instead of more than 98 million vehicles like 2018, experts are expecting global production to collapse to a maximum of 70 million vehicles this year. Overcapacities of around a third will inevitably cost thousands of jobs. Because the doldrums on the car market could reach into 2025. Car makers […]