Obesity, Covid-19, and the Increased Risk of Death … Page all

KOMPAS.com – Covid-19 patients who have comorbid or comorbidities, can aggravate the person’s condition. Not only that, but weak immunity can also make the body helpless against Covid-19. However, recently the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed another condition that can exacerbate Covid-19 infection. Also read: CDC Mention the Spread of Covid-19 […]

13 COVID-19 Patients Died, Only 1 Did Not Have a Comorbid

Illustration of officers burying the body of COVID-19, at Pondok Ranggon TPU, Jakarta, Tuesday (8/9). Photo: ANTARA / Muhammad Adimaja jpnn.com, Bounce – The patient is positive COVID-19 who later died, almost all had comorbidities or comorbidities. This was said by Agus Budi Raharjo, Head of Bantul Regency Health Office, Yogyakarta Special Region. “Of the […]