Hypertension is a Comorbid of Covid-19, See Tips to Prevent It

SUKABUMIUPDATE.com – During the COVID-19 pandemic, people with comorbid diseases (comorbid) are one of the groups most vulnerable to being exposed to the virus. Therefore, the government through the Ministry of Health pays serious and special attention to them, because people with Non-Communicable Diseases (PTM) confirmed by COVID-19 have the potential to experience clinical deterioration, […]

Obesity, Covid-19, and the Increased Risk of Death … Page all

KOMPAS.com – Covid-19 patients who have comorbid or comorbidities, can aggravate the person’s condition. Not only that, but weak immunity can also make the body helpless against Covid-19. However, recently the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed another condition that can exacerbate Covid-19 infection. Also read: CDC Mention the Spread of Covid-19 […]

More than 60 percent of patients die in Aceh due to comorbidities

Merdeka.com – Deputy Director of Regional General Hospital dr. Zainoel Abidin (RSUDZA) Banda Aceh, Endang Mutiawati said, more than 60 percent of Covid-19 patients who died in Aceh were due to comorbid diseases. Based on data as of September 14 last week there were 91 Covid-19 patients who died from comorbidities. Until Tuesday (23/9) yesterday […]

The majority of Corona Patients Died in Comorbid Aceh: Hypertension to Kidneys

“We must intervene in reducing the mortality rate by making a correct operational definition, dying from Covid-19 or because of comorbidities in accordance with the guidelines from WHO, as well as BPJS Health support in filing claims for the cost of death for patients accompanied by COVID-19,” he said. quoted from page kemenkes.go.id. .

13 COVID-19 Patients Died, Only 1 Did Not Have a Comorbid

Illustration of officers burying the body of COVID-19, at Pondok Ranggon TPU, Jakarta, Tuesday (8/9). Photo: ANTARA / Muhammad Adimaja jpnn.com, Bounce – The patient is positive COVID-19 who later died, almost all had comorbidities or comorbidities. This was said by Agus Budi Raharjo, Head of Bantul Regency Health Office, Yogyakarta Special Region. “Of the […]

Know, these are factors that aggravate and heal when infected with the Corona Virus

KOMPAS.com – Spread corona virus is still a world concern to this day. The number of cases globally, including in Indonesia, is still increasing. In Indonesia, until Saturday (5/9/2020), there were 190,665 people who were confirmed positive Covid-19. Meanwhile, 136,401 patients have been declared cured and 7,940 patients have died. On social media, many have […]

Avoid these 3 types of food to maintain body immunity

jpnn.com, SURABAYA – People who have comorbids or comorbidities such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension to obesity will be more susceptible to exposure to Covid-19. So how to maintain the health of someone who has comorbids during this pandemic? According to Annis Catur Adi, a nutritionist, Faculty of Public Health, Airlangga University (Unair), the solution is […]