Israeli Cargo Ship Allegedly Attacked by Iranian Missiles in Persian Gulf

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Israel was reportedly conducting an investigation into the alleged attack on a cargo ship that was en route United Arab Emirates. The cargo ship, named Tyndall, belongs to Zodiac Maritime Ltd., an international ship management company headquartered in London, England. However, the ship is partly owned by Israeli businessmen. Israeli television […]

Israeli Cargo Ship Attacked by ‘Mysterious Weapon’, Burns in Indian Ocean

loading… BEIRUT – An closed cargo Israel reported to have been hit by a “mysterious weapon”, which caused the ship to catch fire in the Samudra northern part. The incident comes amid rising tensions between Jerusalem and Tehran. Lebanese media outlet Al-Mayadeen reported on Saturday’s attack, citing “reliable sources,” and posted an image of the […]

SpaceX Dragon Delivers Solar Panels and Science Supplies

The SpaceX Dragon CRS-22 mission is the second supply ship to dock autonomously on the ISS. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, CAPE CANAVERAL– A cargo SpaceX Dragon arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) on Saturday (5/6) to send panel surya along with many new research experiments and NASA supplies as part of the company’s 22nd supply mission. SpaceX […]

Israeli ship attacked by missile, revenge Iran for Nuclear Natanz?

loading… TEL AVIV – A cargo ship belonging to the company Israel was attacked by a missile near the port of Fujairah, United Arab Emirates (UAE), yesterday. Zionist officials blame Iran , who previously vowed revenge for sabotage at the Natanz nuclear facility. The missile strike resulted in an explosion on the ship, but no […]

Iranian ship attacked by Israel reportedly damaged, considered home base

TEHERAN, – Closed shipping Iran Saviz who is considered Israel and Saudi Arabia as a base for Iranian Revolutionary Guards forces has been damaged by being attacked with a sticky bomb. Saudi Arabian Media Al-Hadath TV reported the attack on Tuesday (6/4/2021), citing unnamed sources. Also read: Israel retaliates, attacks Iranian cargo ships in […]

Israel retaliates, attacks Iranian cargo ships in the Red Sea

WASHINGTON DC, – Israel tell United States of America (AS) that they attack closed cargo Iran Saviz’s Red Sea with sticky bombs on Tuesday (6/4/2021). Israel argued that the attack was in retaliation for Iran’s previous attacks on Israeli ships as reported Al Arabiya. Also read: Israeli Election without a Winner, PM Netanyahu Asked […]

Cargo Ship belonging to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards attacked in the Red Sea

loading… TEHERAN – One cargo ship belonging to the Revolutionary Guards Iran (IRGC) was attacked in the Red Sea off the coast of Eritrea. Al Arabiya sources reported the incident on Tuesday (6/4) local time. Neither party has claimed the attack. However, an Israeli military analyst in late March said Israel had targeted Iranian oil […]