News podcast: Where the 60 billion euros for the climate will come from now

News podcast: Where the 60 billion euros for the climate will come from now

The traffic light government wanted to put 60 billion euros into the so-called climate and transformation fund. This should serve to support the project Federal Government in the fight against climate change, such as the improvement of the rail infrastructure or energy-efficient renovation of buildings. According to a ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court, the […]

Our Video Columnist Calls Out Lazy Excuses: Misconceptions in Climate Policy

Our video columnist Ueli Schmezer addresses lazy excuses and major misconceptions in climate policy. What is your opinion? In his new column, Ueli Schmezer talks about the climate crisis. – Ad the essentials in brief Ueli Schmezer is launching the second episode of the new video format “Auf den Punkt” on Schmezer comments […]

Habeck aims to increase funding for rainforest conservation.

The Vice Chancellor praised the political will of the new Brazilian government to stop deforestation. He also addresses the skepticism about the Mercosur free trade agreement. Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens) has announced more financial aid from Germany to protect the rainforest. During a visit to a village in the Amazon rainforest near […]

Is there a fuel offer with Canada?

Is there a gasoline offer with Canada? Exactly where is Germany heading in conditions of strength and climate plan? Study on a webpage Scholz and Habeck journey to Canada with a significant-rating organization delegation. From the backdrop of the power disaster, these are exports of normal fuel and hydrogen. Because Canada cannot and ought to […]

Greenhouse gasoline emissions as ahead of the pandemic: local weather defense

Gases hazardous to the climate will have to be reduced. In Austria, nevertheless, emissions have elevated by 11% and are very well over the pre-coronavirus amount. According to the statistical agency Eurostat, in the to start with quarter of this yr (January-March), the EU emitted 1,029 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse […]

Biden’s disappointing carbon footprint

New York At the weekend, Joe Biden had hinted at his plan in secrecy. He will use all “executive” options to prevent his climate policy from failing. Now it becomes clear what exactly he meant by that: Apparently the US President is about to declare a climate emergency. After China, the United States is the […]