Mercedes-Maybach S enters the Czech market, the price of the V12 starts from 5.6 million

The large luxury sedan Mercedes-Maybach class S reveals the Czech price list. The base starts from 4.2 million, but those interested in the V12 will have to pay extra. After the recent premiere of the top Mercedes-Maybach V12, the Czech representation of Mercedes-Benz is launching three new models. The “most affordable” is the classic Mercedes-Benz […]

Mercedes unveils the flagship Maybach S-Class, arriving with a V12 engine

Maybach will soon celebrate its centenary, with a new V12 train model for customers. The carmaker Merceces-Benz commemorated the approaching centenary of Maybach’s existence with a demonstration of a new flagship. The picture of the upcoming Mercedes-Maybach S-Class model is interesting for at least two reasons. The first is the lower reflection of the new […]

Mercedes EQS: The Germans introduced the fully electric S-Class

The new EQS has received special care, as the German carmaker values ‚Äč‚Äčthis class very much and considers it to be its most luxurious. “Mercedes claims that the S-Class is the best in the world. With this statement in mind, the new EQS should also be the best electric car, “he told pro Bloomberg Roman […]