District court Erding – drunk large operation triggered – Erding

When the 57-year-old called his ex-girlfriend late at four o’clock in the morning and pretended that he had just had a serious accident and urgently needed help, it was a crazy idea with serious consequences. With around 2.1 per thousand alcohol in his blood, he certainly hadn’t thought much about what he was doing and […]

Graduation – “Everyone hung out” – Erding

It’s getting serious for around 500 high school students. Starting next week, the tenth graders will take their final written exams. The first thing on the agenda is German on Wednesday, June 7th. “The children are well prepared and we can send them to the exams with a clear conscience,” says Josef Grundner, Rector of […]

Erding – Incorrect information in the oath of disclosure – Erding

Even if the 65-year-old defendant outwardly accepted Judge Michaela Wawerla’s judgment, he definitely did not agree when he was sentenced to a fine of 140 daily rates of 15 euros each at the Erdingen district court for thwarting a foreclosure. The accusation of the public prosecutor’s office was also not easy to understand for a […]

Cineplex film theater in crisis – gloomy prospects, vague hopes – Erding

The Fläxl family has been running cinemas for four generations since 1912. The Fläxl film theater companies own the multiplex cinemas in Erding, Neufahrn and Vilsbiburg with a total of 33 cinemas. There are ten of them in Erding. Not a single film has been shown there since the beginning of November. And it will […]

Education in Erding – vocational school cancels parents’ day – Erding

The Erding vocational school always strives to maintain good contact with the parents of its students, among other things the regular parent and instructor talk days at the school, during which all sides can talk to each other. The next day of consultation was scheduled for Wednesday, January 20th. However, due to the applicable regulations […]

Erding – blood donation with appointment – Erding

Long waiting times should be avoided, intervals must be adhered to and processes planned efficiently. To this end, the Bavarian Red Cross in Erding and the blood donation service of the Bavarian Red Cross (BSD) are testing mobile blood donation with binding appointment reservations, the BRK announced in a letter. According to the letter, blood […]

Companies in Erding – Exemplary companies – Erding

Also this year the city of Erding awarded three training prizes. The decision was made in November, but it was only now announced. The Hotel Nummerhof, Orthopädie Technik Graf GmbH and Überlandwerk Erding GmbH and Co KG are this year’s winners. You will not only receive a cash prize of 500 euros, but also a […]

Education in Erding – technology offensive in schools – Erding

Many parents think about the time after the Christmas break with concern. They fear another school year could be affected by the corona pandemic. District Administrator Martin Bayerstorfer announced at the annual press conference that the district wants to guarantee the technical requirements for schools in its sponsorship, which are necessary for both face-to-face and […]

Erding – district councils demand savings – Erding

The budget of the district of Erding is financially torn from two sides: Because the key allocations are falling because the allocation power, which is based on taxable previous years, has increased by four percent, according to District Administrator Martin Bayerstorfer (CSU). In addition, the district of Upper Bavaria, to which the district pays its […]

Erding District Court – Accidental or Intentional? – Erding

Was it just a mistake, stupidity or intent For the public prosecutor, it was clearly an attempt at fraud in which a 56-year-old car repair shop owner tried to collect the money for a repair from an insurance company instead of giving it to a customer. Specifically, it was about a declaration of assignment to […]