Franconia: For a wine on the Main in Würzburg

“Send me a few more Würzburgers”, wrote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to his wife Christiane in 1806, “because no one else wants to taste good to me, and I am annoyed when I run out of my favorite drink.” One can assume that the Würzburg winemakers are good at pleasure-addicted privy councilor from Weimar. Würzburg […]

Architecture: In Vienna on a journey through the whole world

City trips architecture In Vienna on a journey around the world Austria’s capital looks like Kyrgyzstan here and like Italy there. An architecture lecturer has captured this exoticism photographically on the doorstep. His pictures are a perfect means to satisfy the wanderlust. Status: 04:46 a.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes A touch of Saint Petersburg: […]

Visit to Queens, the underrated part of New York

Queens? What on earth is a Manhattan resident, let alone a tourist, doing in Queens? Of the five cities that make up New York, this one is ultimately the least known. Less known than Brooklyn, less well known even than Staten Island – Queens, that’s that Unknown landthrough which you drive when you want to […]

New York: Beyond Manhattan – 16 Tips for Brooklyn

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Brooklyn Heights FFor a short detour or for the whole day: this park is a must – because of its priceless view of the skyline and its diversity. In addition to the long promenade by the water, well-tended meadows invite you to picnic or laze around. The piers offer soccer, basketball […]

New York: inventor of the coolest logo doesn’t want any money to this day

City trips New Yorkers with a heart The inventor of the classic logo doesn’t want any money to this day Milton Glaser was in the cab as he scribbled his love letter to New York on an envelope. The logo became a classic and now brings in millions. But its inventor remains humble. Published on […]

New York: Long Island City: A Discovery Across the East River

Long Island City is only one subway station away from Manhattan – and another world: The western tip of Queens is an off-mile for cheeky art, new hotels, old shops. And all of this is still pretty affordable Divide: Become a Facebook fan now mauritius images / Martin Leitch / Alamy The Roosevelt Island Tramway […]

Staten Island: Lots of beach and greenery – that’s New York too

“After the one-story brick desert on the north coast of the island, at the Silbersee Park there are still trees, landscape, carefully trained to form a trellis and wind protection. Gentle road humps, tolerant of the vibrations of the land. Country houses from yesteryear, loyally reinforced with pillar porches, Greek made of wood … Casing […]

“The Edge” in New York: New spectacular platform opened

City trips „The Edge“ Spectacular viewing platform opens in New York Those with a head for heights usually want to see New York from above. The Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and One World Trade Center offer the best views of the city. Now they are competing with a new viewing platform. Published on 03/10/2020 […]