New York: City trip tips from our correspondent – Reise

Touring a city doesn’t just mean exploring the sights. But to take a look into your soul – and get to know beautiful places that locals also love. We asked our SZ colleagues in distant metropolises to present “their” city using a questionnaire. This time Johanna Bruckner reveals what New Yorkers are patiently waiting in […]

New York – The Best Rooftop Bars for Summer – Travel

Summer in New York is rooftop season. It may come as no surprise that the city with the world-famous skyline offers more opportunities than in almost any other metropolis to drink your “Manhattan” with a view of Manhattan. But rooftop bars are actually more than a great way to throw money off the roof (that […]

“The Edge” in New York: Those are beautiful prospects – travel

Right at the beginning the whole truth about glass floors at viewpoints: Those who stand on them usually only get an adrenaline rush if they are very dizzy. Otherwise the view is the same as when you lean over the railing. In addition, the glass shelves do not stay so clean or without scratches for […]

Viticulture in Brooklyn, New York – Top Location – Travel

It’s a steep and arduous path to the vineyard. It leads past ancient brick buildings and a tree-lined meadow, just a stone’s throw away a mighty river makes its way towards the sea. It goes up almost 100 steps, then finally the field of vision is clear and you can see: the Empire State Building. […]

City trip: The most beautiful views of New York – trip

As multicultural as New York is, there is one religion to which all residents pay homage: gigantism. And so sometimes read PR announcements for a new attraction such as handouts for spiritual awakening. “The moment you step out onto the highest outdoor terrace in the Western Hemisphere is a moment you will never forget,” it […]

Nightlife Williamsburg, New York: Brooklyn Never Sleeps – Travel

Saturday evening, 9:30 p.m. The Manhattan to Williamsburg subway is packed with young people. Girls in short skirts shiver in the air conditioning cold. Boys in plaid shirts hold on to the steel bars. One has a boom box with him. The train jerks over the East River, on the right the Manhattan Bridge and […]

New York: Which sights are not worthwhile – travel

If you are coming to New York for the first time, you should ideally have comfortable shoes and an adapter for American sockets in your luggage. Most likely, however, images of longing for this city in my head, like no other for them American Dream stands. The buildings are taller here, people move faster and […]