Microsoft is already testing the Chromium-based Edge browser on Xbox | Newsblock

The idea for the browser on Xbox consoles, while basically absolutely good, has always been a stumbling block – it may soon change as the Redmond Greens begin testing the Chromium-based version of the software. On a PC, the Chromium-based Edge gets very good feedback, and through that, Microsoft can open the door to play […]

Microsoft Edge grabs data from other browsers – without consent

Windows 10 users get the latest version of Microsoft’s Browser Edge with the latest update. A dialog window for setting up the browser opens automatically. As can be seen, the data that has already been saved claws from other installed browsers – such as Firefox and Chrome. The information that Edge takes over includes cookies, […]

Microsoft Edge: Adblockers cause problems with YouTube videos

Some Edge usersusing an adblocker currently seem to have trouble playing YouTube-Videos to have. The bug occurs on all operating systems. Microsoft has now confirmed that this is a mistake and has announced that it will work on a solution. The Redmond company has it all in one Support post described in the tech community. […]

Windows 10: Microsoft starts broad rollout of Chromium-Edge –

Windows 10: Microsoft starts broad rollout of Chromium-Edge Windows 10: Install update «2004» anyway – Chromium Edge: Microsoft starts automatic distribution to Windows 10 users online heise Browser: Microsoft redistributes Chromium-based Edge ComputerBase Windows 10 21H1: First “Iron” builds spotted, WinFuture will start soon See “Learn More” on Google News .

Microsoft integrates dual-screen emulation into the Chromium engine

The Redmond company Microsoft is currently working on integrating a dual screen emulation into the Chromium engine. This is intended primarily to benefit developers who want to optimize their websites for display on devices with multiple screens. Chromium based browsers like Microsoft Edge and Chrome have numerous developer tools that can be accessed using the […]

knockout to come for FTP support

Like Google Chrome, Firefox will say goodbye to FTP support for file sharing, but not right away. For version 77 expected next June, Firefox will deactivate support for the FTP protocol. ” We do it for security reasons “said Michal Novotny, an engineer at Mozilla. AT ZDNet, he explains that FTP is not a secure […]

Microsoft Edge: Chrome Web Store no longer displays a warning

With the Edge browser Chromium-based, it is also possible to load extensions from the Chrome Web Store. So far, however, Google has unsettled users with a warning. The corresponding message was to convince users to switch and has now been removed. There Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are now both based on the Chromium engine, […]

Google doesn’t like Microsoft Edge for Chrome Web Store extensions

The new Microsoft Edge browser may have a Chromium base like Google Chrome, its compatibility with extensions of the Chrome Web Store does not seem to be appreciated by the group of Mountain View. When a Microsoft Edge user visits the Chrome Web Store and has authorized extensions from stores other than the Microsoft Store, […]

500 extensions exported personal data

Security researcher Jamila Kaya is sounding the alarm: more than 500 extensions of Google’s Internet browser, Chromium, would display risky behavior. These extensions, which have been installed several million times, would therefore tend to collect personal information from users and send them back to servers which are controlled by groups of hackers. The discovery started […]

Chrome gets Web NFC and AR functions

Google’s Chrome browser should also be able to handle NFC short-range radio and augmented reality (AR) applications based on the WebXR standard. Google has integrated these functions in a beta version of the upcoming Chrome version 81 for Android, Chrome OS, Linux, macOS and Windows. Local radio and augmented reality Don’t miss any news! With […]