‘Already evaporating 200 billion won’ Samsung Electronics’ Austin semiconductor plant expected to lose up to 1 trillion won

Input 2021.03.05 06:00 | Revision 2021.03.05 07:02 Austin Fab, which earned 3.9 trillion won last year200 billion won evaporated after 3 weeks of shutdown2-3 months until restarting… Loss is likely to exceed 1 trillion wonSamsung Electronics “If you don’t cut the tax, you can expand it elsewhere” A view of Samsung Electronics’ Austin semiconductor plant […]

Jeong Yong-jin’s soju business failed…the liquidation of Jeju-si, which invested 86 billion won

Input 2021.03.04 19:11 Jeju-do stocks that could not cross the barriers of competitors Eventually liquidated as deficit accumulatesAcquired for 19 billion, and transfused 67 billion dollars over 4 years Yongjin Jeong Shinsegae (004170)The vice chairman quits the’Jejujuju’ business, which used to be a’sick finger’. Vice-Chairman Jeong, who was ambitious in promoting the soju business, was […]

President Wen seems to get AstraZeneca vaccine…靑 “willing to inoculate”

Input 2021.03.04 13:49 | Revision 2021.03.04 14:54 “President Wen also vaccinated without choosing a vaccine”AstraZeneca vaccine, given twice every 8 to 12 weeksTo attend the June G7 summit, you need to get vaccinations in early April. President Moon Jae-in is expected to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine. The Blue House said on the 4th that “President […]

Expanded by the Prime Minister’s Office for a thorough investigation of the ‘3rd new city speculation’… ‘Byeon Chang-heum’ declined to be the subject of investigation by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

Input 2021.03.03 17:34 President Wen instructs the entire investigation and specifies the subject of the investigation,’Prime Minister’s Office’Expanded to the entire transaction of employees and families of related organizations such as the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and LHInvestigation area, from Gwangmyeong·Siheung to the entire 3rd new city candidate site Byun Chang-heum Ministry of […]