Expert: Germany will not recognize people with “Sputnik V” vaccinated

Russian vaccine “Sputnik V” PHOTO: Reuters Germany will not recognize as vaccinated people who chose the Russian drug “Sputnik V” against COVID-19. This was stated during a briefing by an official representative of the Ministry of Health of the Federal Republic of Germany, notes the publication “Expert”. The Russian vaccine has not yet been approved […]

A political nomad became mayor of the Vratsa village of Rakevo

The new mayor of the village of Rakevo Yuri Katsarski. Photo: Author’s archive. In the Vratsa village of Rakevo, Yuri Katsarski, nominated by an initiative committee, was elected mayor. He won by a huge margin over his opponent Yancho Petrov of the BSP for Bulgaria. 316 votes were cast for Katsarski by 379 people in […]