China attacks Taiwan, Japan-US will not stand still

Japan’s former prime minister, Shinzo Abe, has warned China of tensions over Taiwan. Photo/Japan Times TOKYO – Japan and United States of America (US) cannot remain silent if China attack Taiwan , and Beijing needs to understand this. According to the former Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe . Tensions over Taiwan have escalated when China’s […]

Ignore China’s Requests, US MPs Visit Taiwan

Several members of the US Congress visited Taiwan, ignoring China’s requests not to make the visit. Photo/Illustration TAIPEI – Congressional Delegation United States of America (USA) has traveled to Taiwan . They ignored the request China to cancel the visit amid rising geopolitical tensions over the self-governing island. Five members of the US House of […]

We Will Make You Bleed

loading… TAIPEI – Parliamentarian Taiwan condemn Presiden China Xi Jinping who threatened to attack his country. Taiwan Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee member Wang Ting-yu revealed the ‘philosophy’ behind defending the island in case of all-out war. Wang Ting-yu warned that any attempt to annex Taiwan by brutal military force would cost both time […]

Taiwan and the US Do Not Change Direction, War Will Break Out

loading… BEIJING – Chinese state media warns as tensions between the United States (US) and China over Taiwan’s future continue “a military fight will ensue.” They also described the possible scenario as a “life and death struggle” between countries. The Global Times, published by China’s ruling Communist Party, published an opinion piece on Friday after […]

Threatening supporters of criminal independence for life, China makes Taiwan angry

loading… TAIPEI – China provoke anger Taiwan after threatening to impose life sentences on those who support the independence of the democratic island. This condition is heating up the situation in Indonesia Taiwan Strait that sensitive. China has outlined for the first time the punishments pending for people deemed to support the independence of Taiwan, […]

China to imprison Taiwan independence supporters for life

loading… BEIJING – China will punish those who support independence Taiwan with life imprisonment. This criminal threat was announced by China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, Friday (11/5/2021). It is the first time Beijing has concretely imposed penalties for people deemed pro-Taiwan independence, as tensions escalate between China and Taiwan, the island China claims as its own. […]

China Immediately Invasion of Taiwan, West Must Prepare Military Response

loading… WASHINGTON – Former Australian Prime Minister (PM) Tony Abbott believes that China can invade soon Taiwan or improve the situation. According to him, the West must now plan a military and economic response. “I think we need to be prepared to think about the unthinkable,” Abbott said Friday at the Wilson Center event. Defense […]

Again, US Confirms Ready to Help Taiwan If China Attacks

loading… TAIPEI – United States of America (USA) once again confirms will help Taiwan if attacked China . This latest statement comes after China spit out anger over President Tsai Ing-wen’s admission of the presence of US troops in Taiwan. The top United States (US) representative in Taiwan, Sandra Oudkirk, said her country was committed […]

Taiwan’s President’s Confession Makes Beijing Angry: US Don’t Underestimate China!

loading… BEIJING – China firmly opposes any official or military relationship between United States of America (USA) and Taiwan . The statement was in response to President Tsai Ing-wen’s admission that US troops were training Taiwan’s military. “We resolutely oppose any form of official exchange and military contact between the United States and Taiwan, oppose […]