Treatments that can improve the quality of life for people with thalassemia

loading… JAKARTA – Thalassemia It is a hereditary disease that a child gets from one or both parents. The disorder of this disease lies in the absence of the formation of hemoglobin chains in the blood. Pediatric Consultant Hematology Hospital. Kariadi Semarang dr. Bambang Sudarmanto, Sp.A(K), MARS explained, thalassemia is divided into alpha thalassemia and […]

The Powerful Benefits of Yogurt for Child Growth, Moms Must …

Ilustrasi: Yogurt in nutrition – Children need to eat foods that meet their daily nutritional needs. One source of nutrition that can be given is the intake of yogurt. Yogurt contains various health benefits for children such as probiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria for gut health that can help improve digestion and remove bad […]

Should Children Get Covid-19 Vaccines? This is what the CDC explains!

loading… JAKARTA – Covid-19 Vaccine has become a hot topic of conversation lately. A number of vaccines have recommended emergency use in the United States and other countries. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) is conducting an assessment of one of the vaccines, namely the one made by Pfizer. From the results of the assessment, […]

5 Steps to Keep Your Kids Fit During Extreme Weather

loading… JAKARTA – Extreme weather which is predicted to last until the end of March 2021 has an impact on public health , especially children. Children who are in their infancy, prone to flu 3 times more often than adults. That is why several preventive steps are needed so that the child’s body remains fit. […]

Parents are Responsible for Maintaining Children’s Health through Nutrition – FAJAR

FAJAR.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Pediatrician, Kanya Ayu Paramastri from the University of Indonesia, said that parents should be more careful about the condition of their families, especially children, during a pandemic. “Prevent before the child gets sick. Parents are responsible for maintaining children’s health through nutrition, ”said Kanya in a virtual discussion, Tuesday (16/2). He said […]

Don’t Give These 8 Foods to Babies to Avoid Allergies

loading… JAKARTA – It’s important to make a choice food that’s right for your baby during the first year of life. Because, during this period the baby’s growth rate is increasing. So it is important to avoid certain foods baby during the first year. Babies have digestive system are subtle and there are some unsuitable […]

It is feared that a pandemic could increase the risk of stunting

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Whether you want it or not, pandemic also has implications for the problem child health. Access child health services and intake nutrition so annoyed. A survey conducted by Save the Children (SC) in Indonesia found that 52 percent of children had difficulty getting food, so that the variety of food was […]

What is rosacea disease and how does it affect the skin?

Pityriasis rosea is a rash that usually begins as a large circular or oval patch on your chest, stomach or back, and it can affect any age group. It is most common between the ages of 10 to 35 years and usually resolves without treatment within 10 weeks. According to what was mentioned by the […]

Tips for Choosing a Doctor for Child Consultation

loading… JAKARTA – Every parent would want the best for children. No exception when choosing a pediatrician. Consulting a pediatrician can be an important factor in the process growth and development the baby. Especially for children who have special medical conditions that require intensive care and monitoring by a pediatrician. (Also Read: Bell’s Palsy Appears […]