Pandemic: American giants make the law

Grandstand. The tracing experiments of the portable users represent for the Gafam (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft) an essential stake which will determine their commercial future and their relations, as well with the civil society as with the political sphere. This is why we find them today in the fight against the pandemic, and […]

Shortages extend to drugs

Faced with the unprecedented scale of the crisis and the influx of patients, stocks are running out. First those of protective masks. Then the reagents used in the Covid-19 diagnostic tests. And respirators, whose production is struggling to keep up with demand. Little by little, everything necessary for hospitalization and treatment of patients is running […]

Rules: MPs don’t care anymore

From the start, they warn: yes, the decision to work on menstruation in the National Assembly may seem “Surprising, even confusing”. But deputies Laëtitia Romeiro Dias (LREM, Essonne) and Bénédicte Taurine (LFI, Ariège) defend it loud and clear: they delivered a parliamentary information report on the rules to the delegation for women’s rights on Tuesday. […]

Kissing often delays menopause

Having regular sex would delay the onset of menopause. English researchers have shown that, for women who have intimate relationships at least once a week, the period of permanent cessation of their period is reduced by 28% compared to those who have less than one report per month . According to their study published Wednesday […]

Pesticides: the effectiveness of the protective equipment for farmers in question

Everyday, find the Green thread, the environment meeting of Release. Every Friday, an ecological question through the prism of research. Are farmers’ protective equipment effective? This is the question posed by a group of researchers from different disciplines. They propose a critical reading of scientific literature on the subject. “The effectiveness of personal protective equipment […]