Twenty people gathered in Chartres despite the ban and controlled by the police

Police were alerted to a suspicious gathering of several young people on Tuesday, June 9, around 11 p.m., in the Saint-Chéron district of Chartres. The officials, who visited the site, estimated the group at around twenty people. However, article 7 of the deconfinement decree prohibits any gathering on the public highway or in a public […]

Waste volumes have exploded since deconfinement in Chartres

The confinement, for two months, allowed many Chartrains to brick, store, sort, throw, etc. As a result, significant amounts of waste have accumulated and the agglomeration services are faced with an enormous mass to manage. As proof again Tuesday, June 9, day of collection of bulky items in the city, the services found themselves overwhelmed […]

After the deconfinement, are the terraces and restaurants of Eure-et-Loir full?

The images of deserted squares and sidewalks already seem far away. Tables and chairs are spreading again in cities. Only the distributors of hydroalcoholic gel, the masked waiters and the space between the tables remind us that a health crisis has passed through this. Atmosphere on the terrace in Chartres and Dreux in this second […]

Daniel Ossig, saxophonist from Eure-et-Loir, has died

“I don’t think there is a single musician in Eure-et-Loir who doesn’t owe anything to Daniel Ossig. “ Ivan Chavez, jazz guitarist and musical companion, for seventeen years, of saxophonist Daniel Ossig (1938-2020), is one of the first to have learned of the death of the 82-year-old instrumentalist, Monday June 8 2020, at his chartrain […]

The 15th Chartres harvest festival is canceled

The members of the association of the free commune of Saint-Brice met this Tuesday, June 9, at the Abbeys of Saint-Brice, in Chartres. And the emblematic president, Jacky Baroche, in place since 1977, was disappointed: “The fifteenth edition of the harvest festival scheduled for September 26 and 27, 2020 is postponed to September 25 and […]

Residents of Eure-et-Loir invited to parade with caregivers for the mobilization on June 16

The national day of hospital staff initiatives and strikes, scheduled for Tuesday, June 16, is being relayed in the department by the CGT and FO Santé unions in Eure-et-Loir. They don’t want to be the “forgetful heroes.” Caregivers, midwives, workers, administrative workers, nurses, educators and even radio operators: hospital staff are called to strike on […]

LED lighting for the Jacques-Couvret stadium in Chartres

In the absence of a transition to a hybrid lawn, project aborted because of the Covid-19, there will be a lot of work at the Jacques-Couvret stadium this summer. The speaker will go into led lighting. Potentially advanced matches If the transformation is not completed before the start of the championship, the CCF could advance […]

C’Chartres VB extends its player-coach, Marouane Chtioui

Player-coach for two seasons at CCVB, Marouane Chtioui will be long-term in Chartres. The former Tunisian international has just signed a CDI at the club and will now hold extended positions, with a look at the training (U13 to U20). No news from Maurice Onanga To date, the club has not yet registered recruits, but […]