Sukmawati Chooses Hinduism as a Way of Life, PHDI Bali…

Sunday, October 24, 2021 – 20:16 WIB Sukmawati Soekarnoputri. (Photo: youtube/jpnn), DENPASAR – The decision of the daughter of former Indonesian President Soekarno, Sukmawati Soekarnoputri to convert from Islam to Hinduism received mixed responses from a number of parties. Parisadha Hindu Dharma Indonesia (PhDI) Bali warmly welcomes and open arms the ‘hijrah’ of the […]

Sukmawati Converts to Hinduism, Invites Jokowi to…

Sukmawati Soekarnoputri gave a press statement regarding the poem Ibu Indonesia, in Jakarta. Photo: Ricardo/, DENPASAR – The Sudhi Wadani procession or the conversion ceremony from Islam to Hinduism which was passed by the daughter of former President Soekarno, Diah Mutiara Sukmawati Soekarnoputri, in Sukarno Center Heritage Area in Bale Agung, Singaraja, Buleleng, Bali, […]

Sukmawati Soekarnoputri Reveals Reasons for Changing Religions, Apparently because…

Jakarta – During his marriage to Fatmawati, President Soekarno was blessed with five children, Mother. One of which is Sukmawati Soekarnoputri. Recently, the name Sukmawati became the talk of many people because she decided to move and embrace Hinduism. This 69-year-old woman is known to have previously embraced Islam. Sukmawati herself is a politician like […]

Sukmawati Soekarnoputri Reportedly Converted to Hinduism

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Sukmawati Soekarnoputri is rumored to be going through a procession to convert to Hinduism. He will do sudhi wadani, at the Great Hall, Singaraja, Buleleng, Bali. Lawyer Sukmawati Witaryono Reksoprojo acknowledged this. The procession will take place October 26. Sukmawati is said to have studied Hinduism for a long time. His […]

Not Finding Peace in Islam, Famous Ulama Choose Apostasy

Jakarta, Insertlive – Religious issues or confidence it is a matter of privacy that is often exaggerated by the public. One of them is the story of a famous cleric who decided to change his faith from Islam after experiencing a bitter incident. Quote from, Dr Mustafa, now known as Mark Gabriel, was a […]