The average wage in the second quarter rose by eleven percent. She was influenced by rewards for health professionals – ČT24 – Czech Television

“Growth of 11.3 percent is significantly affected by last year’s low base, when wages fell sharply in some sectors due to the onset of the coronavirus crisis. There was also a very diverse development in individual sectors, especially the one-off payment of extraordinary remuneration to health professionals, “said Dalibor Holý, Director of the Labor Market […]

WK Vienna: Mother’s Day – an important impetus for stationary retail

Viennese give presents to mothers worth 52 euros – flowers are the most popular Vienna (OTS) – “For me, mothers are the heroines of everyday life. You have achieved a great deal in the last few months – especially due to the multiple burden of homeschooling. The small thank you for Mother’s Day can be […]

Los Angeles: SMEs ask to be incorporated as an essential item

February 20 marked the beginning of a complex scenario for the Los Angeles trade, when the measure that, two days before, was announced by the authorities of the Ministry of Health, came into force, with the beginning of the quarantine for the Los Angeles commune. The year 2020 was not without complications, which for many […]

Vienna Voices – Vienna Chamber of Commerce gives companies a voice

The new communication offensive of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce shows how differently and diverse the self-employed are dealing with the crisis. Vienna (OTS) – Business people honestly and authentically describe their experiences, worries and wishes in times of Corona – in the form of personal video messages that were posted online in March […]

Prices of iron and cement today, Wednesday, 3-3-2021 in Egypt

Subscribe to receive the most important news We publish Iron and cement prices During today’s trading, which witnessed a state of stability today, a ton of iron ranged between 13 thousand and 300 pounds, to a maximum of 13 thousand and 700 pounds, while the price of cement ranged between 755 to 825 pounds, in […]

Company +

BUSINESS + | MEMBERSHIP Meet more people, attend more events, and create more opportunities. Profile your business by taking advantage of exclusive advertising opportunities, offering a benefit to members or sponsoring an event. Our Young Professionals Company (CYP) program provides your team with networking, development workshops, volunteer opportunities and much more. Possibility of offering an […]

Chambers of commerce and universities work together on the Lower Rhine

February 16, 2021 at 5:26 pm Future plan : Chambers of industry and commerce work together with universities They would like to shape the structural change together and develop the region into an innovation space (from right): Jürgen Steinmetz (General Manager of the IHK Mittlerer Niederrhein) and Thomas Grünewald (President of the Niederrhein University of […]

WK Wien Ruck: Avoid a new lockdown after opening

Accelerating tests and vaccinations – helping companies effectively, says WK Vienna President Walter Ruck. Vienna (OTS) – “As bitter as the news about the extension of the closings is, this decision is understandable based on the facts,” said Walter Ruck, President of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, after the government plans were announced. “Our hopes […]