CES 2020 | Youtube viral | MarsCat, the ideal robotic cat for those who do not have much time | United States | Las Vegas | China | Yutub | Unusual Trends | Viral Technology

Updated on 12/01/2020 at 12:47 A new robotic cat has been presented at the CES 2020 Consumer Electronics Fair, which took place in Las Vegas between January 7 and 11. This is MarsCat, a feline capable of walking, running, sleeping and even burying her own ‘droppings’, imaginary of course. Although cats are independent animals and […]

Strong presence of French Regions, with fewer companies

– From our correspondent in Las Vegas, Reynald Werquin Greater Paris, Occitanie, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Bretagne, Hauts-de-France …, the French Regions have once again crossed the Atlantic to join the ranks of the French delegation installed in the Europa Park in Las Vegas for the high mass of innovation and technology. If the French grouped under […]

“Toxic things”: Big tech in data protection in need of explanation

For CES 2020, Apple broke with a tradition that has been cultivated for decades and was for the first time in 28 years again on an official mission at the fair. Not as an exhibitor, but with data protection officer Jane Horvath, Cupertino sent a representative of the top management to Las Vegas. In the […]

Robots instead of glyphosate: Odd.Bot weeds

An alternative to chemical weed killers such as glyphosate is said to be Odd.Bot Display weed whacker: The robot drives autonomously over cultivated areas and, thanks to image recognition, can distinguish between crops and unwanted sprouting. The robot removes everything that is not acceptable in the field using a mechanical gripper arm. If you have […]

The tops & flops of CES 2020

CES 2020 in Las Vegas ended a few hours ago. As every year, the fair is good for a few surprises – but there are also disappointments. The team from c’t and heise online takes stock after a week in press conferences, hotel rooms and overcrowded exhibition halls: What was top and what was a […]

The first “reverse microwave” in the world can cool drinks in seconds … video

American company named after it revealed Matrix Industries California-based, which specializes in smartphones powered by thermal energy, on the first “reverse microwave” called “Juno”, which can cool soft drinks in seconds within Consumer Electronics Show CES 2020. According to the British “Daily Mail” site, the “coolant” uses a thermal cooling engine that moves the water […]

Razer presents new racing simulator setup for eRacing – Nau.ch

Razer presents new racing simulator setup for eRacing Nau.ch Razer Eracing Simulator: A dream for racing players COMPUTER IMAGE Two projectors for all-round vision – Razer shows gaming throne concept Gamestar Razer shows racing driver’s seat for e-athletes and those who want to become one PC games hardware Razer: Setup for eRacing presented COMPUTER IMAGE […]