Worried More and More Mink “Rise from the Grave”, Denmark Will Burn His Carcass Page all

COPENHAGEN, KOMPAS.com – Millions of carcasses cerpelai will be excavated from mass graves and burned in a rubbish incinerator in Denmark after some resurface. “The reappearance of the mink carcass sparked complaints from residents about possible health and environmental risks,” the country’s government said. Daily Mail on Sunday (20/12/2020). The entire Danish herd of about […]

While crying, Danish PM apologizes for the mink massacre

COPENHAGEN, KOMPAS.com – While wiping away tears, the Prime Minister Denmark Mette Frederiksen on Thursday (26/11/2020) personally apologized for the handling of the crisis in which the mutated version corona virus just pushed the government to destroy millions cerpelai on the farm. The head of government was visiting a mink farmer in the city of […]

Viral video shows a mink carcass in Denmark sticking out of its grave

COPENHAGEN, KOMPAS.com – A video that goes viral on Denmark show carcass cerpelai, who was killed for the sake of avoidance Covid-19 mutation, suddenly appeared from the grave. Public broadcaster DR airing, the carcass came out in a heap piled up in the mass grave of Holstebro military training area. Also read: Denmark: Corona Virus […]

Why Was Millions of Stoats Destroyed During the Covid-19 Pandemic? All pages

KOMPAS.com – Corona virus mutations has triggered the culling of millions cerpelai in Denmark. Some parts of the country imposed a lockdown after Danish authorities discovered genetic changes they said could impact effectiveness the Covid-19 vaccine in the future. More than 200 people have been infected with the coronavirus strain found in mink. Britain has […]

Watch out! These Animals Can Pass Corona to Humans

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The mink makes a scene. Because these mammals are said to be infectious corona to humans. Not only that, the corona has also mutated in the body of the civet and squirrel. There are at least six countries that have reported cases of transmission on farms, namely Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Italy, […]