Searches are underway in the port of Chornomorsk due to grain schemes

Police continue to investigate schemes at the Grain Corporation Law enforcers have prevented the export of grain crops from Ukraine for seven million dollars. In the port of Chornomorsk on Tuesday, September 7, searches are underway in the case of schemes with the illegal sale of grain, informs press service of the National Police. “Today, […]

Lemken introduces the Azurit 10 planter with 6 and 12 row models

Now also for distribution of soy, sunflower or microgranulates LEMKEN, the specialist in the field of professional cultivation, improves some details of its efficient monograin seeder. The new variant will be available from September under the name Azurit 10. Compared to the previous model, it has a number of advantages. AGRO Professional – Madrid 18/08/2021 […]

Diseases of cereal ears: think about preventing them

Cereals | Published on 6/10/2021 2:20 PM All the wheat plots are heading. The most advanced plots are at the start of flowering. Septoria is present on all the plots observed. Lrains at the end of last week increased the septoria infection on the upper leaf stages. Seasonal temperatures as well as drier conditions over […]

John Deere celebrates Sustainability Day in agricultural production

John Deere has celebrated the first Sustainability Day, where it has been analyzed how to make a sustainable economy with smart technology. Farmers are constantly faced with various challenges, with climate change and agriculture’s carbon footprint being the most recent. AGRO Professional – Madrid 1/06/2021 On the first Sustainability Day of the Company, John Deere […]

blocked navigation disrupts exports

The blockage, if prolonged, could destabilize the market for several agricultural products. After the Suez Canal, the Mississippi. The American “Great River”, which crosses or runs along ten states, from Minneapolis to the Gulf of Mexico via Memphis and Saint-Louis, is blocked. A routine check on Thursday uncovered a huge crack in a metal beam […]

Grañén will turn the unfinished cinema-theater into a gym

The town of Grañén will transform the unfinished cinema-theater into a municipal gym. The works will be carried out by the students of the new employment workshop, which has been promoted by the consistory and which adds up to budget of 245,475.72 euros, financed by the Aragonese Employment Institute. The mayor of the municipality, Carlos […]

Vogelsang launches new products and pumping technology for slurry

Vogelsang has launched new equipment for spreading liquid manure and within its pumping technology. Among them are the compact UniSpread for spreading liquid manure close to the ground. For its part, BlackBird offers high working widths and precision. AGRO Professional – Madrid 19/01/2021 Before the 2021 fertilization season, Vogelsang GmbH launches new technologies to precisely […]

The diet to boost brain, memory and concentration: the Superbrain book

More memory, awake brain and ability to concentrate through a 21-day food program. A miraculous purpose? It would seem, that of nutritionist Gigliola Braga and strategic learning expert Massimo De Donno. In fact now science, the two experts argue Superbrain (their new recipe manual by Ugo Gastaldi just released for Mondadori), has amply demonstrated how […]