World AIDS Day 1st December 2022 ‘Equalize’ story and theme

Solo – World AIDS Day or World AIDS Day is celebrated every December 1 or Thursday (1/12/2022) tomorrow. The following is the story of World AIDS Day and this year’s theme. History of World AIDS Day 2022 Reported detikHealthWorld AIDS Day was established after the US presidential election campaign in 1988. This commemoration was originally […]

Want to turn off automatic keyboard correction on Samsung phones? that’s how

Solo – The automatic correction function on a mobile or mobile phone is used to correct typed words to avoid typos. How to disable the automatic correction feature on a Samsung HP keyboard? Quoted by detikINETFriday (11/11/2022), although designed to help users, this feature can also make users uncomfortable because the fixes provided are not […]

20 apps for Android phone battery consumption, including WhatsApp!

Solo – Battery is an issue that worries HP Android users. Many applications run continuously in the background and cause energy consumption and affect battery life. Malansir detikINET citing Gizchina’s page, Thursday (10/25/2022), a research firm called pCloud recently compiled a list of apps that use the most battery on Android phones. There are three […]

First aid cases of poisoning, what to do?

Solo – Food poisoning is a disease caused by the consumption of food contaminated with certain biological or chemical substances. The pain caused by poisoning cannot be taken lightly because it can be fatal, it can even lead to death. Food poisoning can happen to anyone. In fact, it is not uncommon for these cases […]

I am wrong, there is no reason

Solo – The former general president (Ketum) of the ganjarist Eko Kuntadhi visited the Islamic college of Lirboyo, Kediri, East Java. Eko Kuntadhi came to apologize directly to Ustaza Imaz Fatimatuz Zahra or Ning Imaz and the large family of the Islamic college of Lirboyo. Reported detik Jatim, Eko Kuntadhi arrived at Lirboyo Islamic College […]