CD&V wants pharmacists to administer flu vaccine

CD&V MP Nawal Farih submits a bill that allows pharmacists to administer a flu vaccination. The aim is to lower the threshold for a vaccination and thus boost the vaccination coverage. Figures from the Federal Health Care Knowledge Center (KCE) show that the coverage rate for influenza vaccination among risk groups has been declining worryingly […]

By no means a Christmas file within Vivaldi

The MR does not accept the ‘njet’ of Prime Minister De Croo for extra Christmas relaxation. But the debate is moving away from the cameras. Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Open VLD) was formal yesterday: there will be no relaxation of the corona measures in view of the end-of-year period (DS December 1). The preconceived […]

Political chaos in healthcare took unnecessary lives …

Our endlessly complicated political system with no fewer than eight Ministers of Health has caused many extra deaths. Virologist Marc Van Ranst and the editor-in-chief of The Lancet Richard Horton. Political scientists and even many politicians agree. But what can be done to end the current cacophony? We asked the various parties. Who orders mouth […]

Minister Verlinden: ‘State reform can go in both directions …

Fresh Minister of the Interior and Institutional Reforms Annelies Verlinden (CD&V) does not rule out the possibility that powers will again be transferred to the federal level in a state reform. Verlinden, the white rabbit of CD&V chairman Joachim Coens, was a guest at Saturday The morning on Radio 1, her very first comprehensive interview […]

Extra paid public holiday, minimum pension of 1,500 euros and new state structure: these are the most striking points from the De Croo government agreement | Inland | News

30 september 2020 11u54 Source: Own reporting, Belga Photo News The new Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Open Vld). The coalition agreement of the new government of socialists, liberals, greens and CD&V is ready. We list the most important points. This article is continuously updated. Your cookie settings ensure that this content is not displayed. […]

Even after 493 days it remains difficult, but: “The obligatory cr …

The landing of Vivaldi remains difficult. The negotiators did not meet their first deadline, but the king granted the co-formateurs some extra time. “As soon as possible”, they received the message. Main obstacle is the budget. How much room do they have for new policy? And how are they going to pay for that? “We […]

Crevits about Vivaldi: ‘I understand the concerns very well’

‘I also have my concerns’, CD&V figurehead Hilde Crevits responded this morning Radio 1 to the many internal protests against Vivaldi. She also makes it clear that she is not eager for the premiership. In the meantime, local opposition continues to bubble up. Vivaldi is back on track, but the turbulent past days strengthened the […]

Coens wants to enter into a dialogue with voters on the CD&V platform

CD&V chairman Joachim Coens wants to enter into direct dialogue with the voter via a digital participation platform soon. Non-members are also involved in the choices that CD&V makes. The platform was presented on Saturday at the first digital Day of the Department for local CD&V chapters. For the 300 local CD&V teams it is […]