Pope Francis Abolishes Privileges for Cardinals and Bishops Page all

VATICAN CITY, KOMPAS.com – Pope Francis decreed that para bishop and cardinals who serve in the Vatican will be tried by lay courts, the same as in other criminal cases and no longer by an elite panel of prelates. Pope Francis issued a decree invalidating the inner provisions civil criminal law Vatican on Friday (30/4/2021). […]

The VII Festival of Sacred Music enlivened the Semana Mayor

With different vocal and instrumental interpretations, sacred music accompanied the liturgical ceremonies within the framework of Holy Week. With presentations in Ibagué, Guamo and Carmen de Apicalá, today the VII Festival of Sacred Music that took place from March 31 and adorned the liturgical meetings that took place in different municipalities with strong religious tradition […]

Comment: The Catholic Church needs a fresh start | NDR.de – news

Status: 03/20/2021 6:32 a.m. The Hamburg Archbishop Stefan Heße wants to resign. He is reacting to the criticism of his work in Cologne in dealing with cases of sexual abuse. For the ailing Catholic Church in Hamburg, this could be the opportunity for a fresh start. Daniel Kaiser comments. by Daniel Kaiser The resignation is […]

“Me too” in the Vatican: priest accuses prelates – politics

It’s about power and abuse in the heart of the Catholic Church: a German priest accuses a high-ranking prelate of having sexually molested him. Many would have known that – and yet closed their eyes. From Matthias Drobinski and Uwe Ritzer, Munich There he stands accusing. In a place where it is better not to […]

Communions in Düsseldorf during the pandemic

Published: Saturday, 01/30/2021 8:56 AM Many Düsseldorf families are currently preparing for their children’s first communion. The festival usually takes place after Easter. This year, however, the dates will be significantly straightened out due to Corona. In Bilk, for example, the celebrations take place in early May, in Kaiserswerth not until June. Preparations in the […]

Thousands of children died in Irish homes | Currently Europe | DW

According to its official report, the commission of inquiry set up by the Irish state has found clear evidence of the deaths of 9,000 children. The mother-child homes for single women were run for decades and until 1998 by religious organizations, mostly Catholic orders, and controlled by the Irish state. Prime Minister Michael Martin spoke […]

Police shoot gunman in concert at New York City cathedral

NY – A man was shot by police Sunday afternoon on the steps of an iconic New York City cathedral after he began shooting at the end of a Christmas concert. Police said there was no indication that anyone other than the attacker was injured. The man was taken to the hospital in critical condition, […]

Jihadists destroy historic Catholic mission in Cabo Delgado | Cabo Delgado

The Nangololo mission, in Muidumbe, was occupied for 20 days by the jihadists DR Attacked, occupied and destroyed. The historic Catholic mission of Nangololo, the second oldest in the diocese of Pemba, located in Muidumbe, in the province of Cabo Delgado, bears the marks of occupation by the jihadists who for more than three years […]