NYC Faces Increase in Infections Citywide

The rate of Covid-19 infections is 2.74% in the state and 2.57% in the city. But the possibility of it reaching 3%, leading to school closings and other restrictions, is generating concern. We have the report, live from the Mount Hope sector in the Bronx, with the details. Visit the NY1 News page with our […]

When will the coronavirus vaccine arrive in New York?

Governor Cuomo reiterated, for the second day in a row, that he does not trust the federal government’s ability to distribute a vaccine against Covid-19. In a conference call to the media, Cuomo indicated that the federal government is not prepared to do so and believes that the same mistake that was made at the […]

Second wave of Covid-19 in NYC

The concilor Mark Levine, who serves as chairman of the Council’s Health Committee, believes that the second wave of coronavirus cases has already reached the city. But he says that while action needs to be taken, the next shouldn’t be to close schools. (This segment contains the first part of this interview) Visit the NY1 […]

NYC Public Schools Will Be Open This Monday

After sharing the recent rate of coronavirus infections in the city, Mayor de Blasio announced that public schools will remain open tomorrow: Monday, November 16. The rate of positive results after the tests remained at 2.57%, a little less than the 2.69% registered this Saturday. In addition, 97 people had to be hospitalized due to […]

there will be a vaccine soon; will not be shipped to NY by Cuomo

President Donald Trump said Friday that he would delay shipping a COVID-19 vaccine to New York state that is supposed to be approved in the coming weeks, until Governor Andrew Cuomo accepts it. “We will not deliver it to New York until we have authorization to do so and it pains me to say so,” […]

More Covid-19 Testing for Neighbors in Jackson Heights

Before arriving at the testing center for Covid-19, Martha Sánchez and Ginger López, official representatives of the Testing and Tracking Brigade, toured 34 avenue to encourage residents to take this medical test. Martha Sánchez herself talks about the importance of her work: “Bringing information to the community that it is very important to get tested […]

What will NYC do to resist a second wave of coronavirus?

“What we need is financial relief. We need to tax billionaires so we can help small businesses,” said Queens State Sen. Jessica Ramos. This was the reaction of local politicians to the governor’s ordinance that will close gyms and restaurants on a curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., across the state. This initiative began […]

Christmas tree cut down for Rockefeller Center

The 75-foot (23-meter) Norway spruce that will anchor New York City’s Christmas festivities like the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree has been cut down in upstate New York and will soon be heading to Manhattan. The tree was donated by Al Dick of Daddy Al’s General Store in Oneonta. The tree was cut down Thursday and […]

Concern in Upper Manhattan due to increase in Covid-19 cases

Concern in Upper Manhattan at the increase in the number of positive cases of Covid-19. “Because there is too much fun, around here people have too much fun, the restaurants are very full, so there is no precaution. That is why we are like this,” said a neighbor. According to the latest statistics on positive […]

Dancers share their dances without any complex

A group of dancers practice during their rehearsals in Brooklyn. What you hear are steps derived from the pride of your curves and a few extra pounds. Wanda Amaya, is a dancer in this group and she thinks about it: “I love my body and I love to dance with Pretty Big Movement”. These dancers […]