Recognize the Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer, Signs of Bloating to Hip Pain

JAKARTA, – Ovarian cancer often go undetected for most women. Without realizing, cancer it has spread in the pelvis and abdomen. If it is in the late stages, ovarian cancer will be difficult to treat. The lack of information and public knowledge about ovarian cancer, compared to breast cancer or cervical cancer, which includes […]

Watch out! Back pain can be a sign of lung cancer

JAKARTA, AYOBANDUNG.COM – One symptom of lung cancer is back pain. Unfortunately these Cancer Symptoms usually appear when the cancer has spread in the lungs. Reporting from Express, there are symptoms that are quite common in cancer sufferers, namely back pain. More than a quarter of lung cancer patients develop pain in the back. The […]

This is the reason why cancer spreads in the body.

Health 21:58 16.01.2020(updated at 23:06 01.01.2020) Short URL Scientists have discovered that cancer cells take advantage of wound healing abilities to cause metastasis, or spread of cancer cells, in the human body. The ability of cancer cells to metastasize to other organs depends on their ability to co-opt the natural pathways of wound healing, this […]

Scientists demonstrate how to cure cancer in less than a second

Health 00:11 10.01.2020Short URL A group of scientists has proven the effectiveness of the method of therapy by proton radiation to eliminate cancer in less than a second. It is a complete course of proton radiation therapy that in fractions of a second would eliminate a malignant tumor. Radiation therapy, or radiation therapy, is a […]

7 things we are exposed to every day increase the risk of cancer

cancer One of the most dangerous diseases, and despite taking many safety measures to ensure that people are not exposed to dangerous quantities of chemicals that increase the chances of developing cancer, many of these elements still infiltrate our lives, and we know things we are exposed to every day that increase the risk of […]

The doctor called an alarming symptom of cancer

Photo: Natalya Loginova / Globallookpress The doctor called a symptom inherent in almost all types of cancer. “One sign for all types of cancer,” the specialist notes. There is one important sign that may indicate the presence of a dangerous disease. So, we are talking about chronic fatigue, which does not recede, even if you […]