MARKET POINT-Break in sight in Europe before the ECB announcements (updated)

(Actualisé avec futures sur le CAC, commentaires, clôture de Tokyo, marché obligataire en Europe) * Les indices européens attendus en baisse de 0,3% * La BCE annoncera à 11h45 GMT ses décisions de politique monétaire * Elle pourrait augmenter le montant de ses rachats d’actifs * L’euro reste ancré au-dessus de 1,12 dollar par Blandine […]

LVMH is considering ways to renegotiate the acquisition of Tiffany, sources say

LVMH REFLECTS ON WAYS TO RENEGOTIATE TIFFANY ACQUISITION, ACCORDING TO SOURCES by Greg Roumeliotis and Pamela Barbaglia (Reuters) – LVMH is considering ways to renegotiate the acquisition of the American jeweler Tiffany, planned for 16.2 billion dollars (14.4 billion euros), while the pandemic linked to the new coronavirus and the riots in the States – […]

Tiffany’s takeover by LVMH “much less certain”, reports WWD

TIFFANY’S REDEMPTION BY LVMH “MUCH LESS CERTAIN”, WWD REPORTS BANGALORE (Reuters) – French luxury giant LVMH met its board of directors in Paris on Tuesday to discuss its takeover offer for American jeweler Tiffany amid worsening US market linked to the coronavirus pandemic, reports WWD, the specialized publication of the fashion sector. No immediate comments […]

EDF terminates its Arenh contracts with Total Direct Energie and two other electricity suppliers

EDF TERMINATES ITS ARENH CONTRACTS WITH TOTAL DIRECT ENERGIE AND TWO OTHER ELECTRICITY SUPPLIERS PARIS (Reuters) – EDF announced Tuesday that it has notified the termination of contracts concluded within the framework of regulated access to historic nuclear electricity (Arenh) linking it to three energy suppliers, including Total Direct Energie. This decision, which also concerns […]

The values ​​to follow in Paris and in Europe

LUFTHANSA, TO FOLLOW AT THE FRANCFORT STOCK EXCHANGE PARIS (Reuters) – The stocks to follow on Tuesday on the Paris Stock Exchange and in Europe, where futures on benchmark indices signal a moderate upward opening: * CARREFOUR announced Tuesday an agreement with Dairy Farm to acquire Wellcome Taiwan, an operation which allows it to get […]

MARKET POINT-Up in sight in Europe, relief on US-China trade – Boursorama

MARKET POINT-Up in sight in Europe, relief on US-China trade Boursorama China: Manufacturing sector activity continues to increase in May France China: despite the coronavirus, the manufacturing sector progresses in May RFI China-Manufacturing activity rebounds in May-Caixin Boursorama Stock market Asia leaps | Europe given up | Ageas to watch L’Echo See full coverage […]

The Paris Stock Exchange expected to decline after four straight increases

The Paris Stock Exchange is expected to weaken Friday at the opening in the wake of the Asian stock exchanges and the closing of Wall Street pending a press conference by the American president on China. The futures contract on the CAC 40 yielded 0.68% forty minutes before the opening of the session. The day […]

Paris: new rebound after several statistics

( – The CAC40 ended the session with a gain of 1.76% to 4771.39 points after a series of economic indicators in France and the United States. The major US equity indices are starting the session in the green in the wake of a battery of macroeconomic data. The Dow Jones gained 0.7% while the […]