Petrosyan will burst with laughter! Buzova threw Stepanenko for a new show with Kharlamov

While Elena is suing Eugene Vaganovich, Olya has already found another co-host and transfer. More recently, the media reported that Elena Stepanenko and Olga Buzova became co-hosts in the new program, information about which is still being carefully hidden. But less than two weeks later, Olya starred in the new reality “Morning with Buzova,” where […]

“So hungry and sleepy”

Finally, Olga fueled rumors about her pregnancy. Olga Buzova, or rather her personal life, is of interest to many fans. It is clear that interest in the singer increased several times when she announced her affair with David Manukyan. Of course, for many this was a real shock, because Olga was alone for a long […]