Air pollution in New York from fires on the US west coast

The smoke from the forest fires in the western United States has reached the east coast metropolis. The health alarm was called because of the air pollution. Manhattan is in the haze right now. – AFP Ad the essentials in brief More than 300 forest fires are currently raging in the western United States and […]

Hessen sends 170 disaster relief workers to Greece>regional news> 09. August 2021 – 16:10 clock Wiesbaden / Hösbach (dpa) – Almost 170 disaster relief workers from Hesse are supposed to help fight the serious forest fires in Greece. According to the Wiesbaden Interior Ministry, they set out on Monday with their 35 vehicles from the Franconian Hösbach near Aschaffenburg to the Attica […]

Mihai Tudose: ‘I don’t know why Mr. Cîţu suffers from an illness, but I hope he gets better, because otherwise we all go where there is no pain or sadness’ – News by sources

Former PSD Prime Minister Mihai Tudose intervened by phone on România TV to comment on the statement of Prime Minister Florin Cîţu, who stated that the two seriously injured in the Petromidia fire will be transferred abroad to his intervention. “When we have a prime minister like that, there is no effort, it comes naturally […]

Investigators secure traces of blood

Apparently the wanted struck during the curfew. The fact is: perpetrators smashed a window in the Asian boutique “Om Shanti” on Fischpfortenstrasse / corner of Himmelreich and a glass pane in the “Marilyn Moden” store on Osterstrasse. A criminal was injured in the process – investigators discovered traces of blood on a stone slab between […]

Thousands of dead within a day: India reports more than 400,000 corona cases

Saturday, May 1st, 2021 Thousands of dead within a day India reports more than 400,000 corona cases The coronavirus is spreading faster and faster in India. Hundreds of thousands more people are infected every day – their number has now reached a new high within 24 hours. The health system was already overloaded when a […]

With a mistake from Entre Ríos Ezequiel Unsain, Arsenal defeated Defense and Justice

Arsenal beat Defense and Justice 1 to 0 at Tito Tomaghello for the interzonal on Date 11 of the Professional League Cup. Both teams came from long trips to Bolivia and Ecuador for their presentations in the Copa Sudamericana and Libertadores, respectively. The local goalkeeper, Luis Ezequiel Unsain, from Entre Ríos, converted against his own […]