Amazing, Hundreds of Bumiputera Insurance Policyholders File Subpoenas! – The case of default of Bumiputera Joint Life Insurance (AJB) entered a new phase earlier this month. Hundreds of Bumiputera policy holders decided to start legal action by making a mass subpoena to the management of AJB Bumiputera with a copy to the Financial Services Authority (OJK) today, Thursday, September 2, 2021. This […]

Navalny was taken to hospital, tested for coronavirus

Alexei Navalny PHOTO: Reuters Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny, who is in prison, has been transferred to a hospital ward to be treated for a respiratory illness and tested for coronavirus. This was reported by Reuters, quoting the newspaper “Izvestia”, which refers to the management of prisons in the Vladimir region, reports BTA. Earlier in the […]

China: Resigned MPs “Openly Challenging” the Government Page all

HONG KONG, – China on Thursday (12/11/2020) warned resignation bulk member parliament pro-democracy of Hong Kong was a form of “blatantly challenging” government authority over the city. Fifteen legislators decided to resign from the assembly in protest at the dismissal of 4 of their compatriots approved by Beijing, leaving the assembly silenced by loyalist […]

Vaccines Are Only Made To Avoid Outbreaks of Dangerous Diseases – A pediatrician from the Care Parents Foundation, Windhi Kresnawati, revealed that not all diseases are made into vaccines. According to him, only diseases in the dangerous category are sought vaccines. This is because the process of making vaccines, starting from researching until finally being produced, is expensive and long. In other words, Windhi […]

Microsoft closes stores

Microsoft has announced a change in sales strategy, which provides for the closure of all traditional branded stores. Now Microsoft operates 83 stores, after their closure, all sales will be carried out online. Shops will be kept only in New York, London and Sydney, as well as in the city of Redmond, Washington, where the […]

Coronavirus vaccine race: top candidates

WASHINGTON – In a race for a vaccine designed to put an end to the global COVID-19 pandemic, eight participants pulled ahead. Eight candidate vaccines are tested in humans in clinics in China, the United States, Britain and Germany. In addition to them, at least 94 are at different stages of development. The Trump administration […]

doctors are trying to understand the causes of high mortality from COVID-19

The frightening speed with which the condition of people infected with coronavirus worsens, and completely sudden deaths shock even experienced doctors and nurses who do not yet understand how to stop such a sudden deterioration in the condition of patients. Patients “look good, feel good, and then … if you turn your back on them, […]

how COVID-19 turns body cells into viral factories

When the coronavirus attacks the body of its next victim, it turns the patient’s own cells into original factories for the production of new viruses. The process begins on the surface of the cell when the virus captures the protein, which usually helps regulate the patient’s blood pressure. The cell involuntarily lets the virus inside […]