“A murder has been certain, but we don’t know anything else”

D.Thin Córdoba Updated:03/03/2022 14:05h Keep Related news Confusion in Rute. The appearance of Dead body of one of his neighbors, a 65 year old malenext to a burnt out carin an esplanade of the town, has caused a great commotion in the municipality. Family and friends are waiting to be able to give burial of […]

Brother of legendary accordion player Juancho Rois dies of a heart attack

Jose Gregorio Rois Zuniga, brother of the legendary accordion player Juan Humberto Rois, known to his family and thousands of fans as Juancho Rois, died this Saturday morning as a victim of a heart attack when he was at his residence in the center of the municipality of San Juan del Cesar. A lawyer by […]

Lucie Bílá showed her brother, the image with her son Filip is…

Lucie Bilach, Filip Kratochvil Source: Profimedia – – Lucie Bílá has always had the support of her older brother Karl, and sibling love between them still prevails today. The singer wished her brother a birthday and shared her childhood photos, which revealed a surprising appearance with her son Filip. Lucie Bílá looks up to her […]

Brother of DPRK founder Kim Il Sung dies

Photo: koreaherald.com Kim Young Joo in 2015 – – Kim Yong Joo has passed away at 102 years of age. The last time it was shown on the DPRK state television was six years ago. The brother of the late North Korean founder Kim Il Sung – Kim Yong Joo – has passed away at […]

Komarov surprised by the resemblance to his brother and sister with twins

Photo: instagram.com/komarovmir Dmitry Komarov – – The TV star has published a series of photos with family members, whom he considers “the best gift in life.” Ukrainian presenter Dmitry Komarov showed his younger brother and sister. Angelina and Nikolai are twins. On November 17, they turned 32 years old. The star posted a photo on […]

La Palma marks the step towards normality brother

The afternoon had set in to regain sensations. For La Palma to take a step towards normal brotherhood, that step in which the image of his, until now, only crowned Virgin wore. So that the sky of La Viña would open up, scare away the dark clouds and be an accomplice of a historical moment: […]