Rifle, the court declares bankruptcy. The Italian jeans brand goes to auction

The Court of Florence declared the bankruptcy of the Rifle & co., historic fashion company based in Barberino di Mugello (Florence), which matters overall 96 employees between the headquarters and the stores in Italy. This was announced by the trade union organizations Filctem Cgil and Femca Cisl. The Rifle was born in 1958 on the […]

Rifle, the symbol of Italian jeans, fails

One of the historic brands of Italian jeans, the Rifle, with the declaration of bankruptcy of the Court of Florence. Born in 1958 by the brothers Giulio and Fiorenzo Fratini who in North Carolina, in the Cone Mills factory, discovered the denim fabric has been an icon of Italian fashion for decades. Rifle, the symbol […]

Weekend: We are pleased that Tesla is becoming a German brand

Elon Musk is the leader of the largest manufacturer of electric cars in the world, wants to send people into space and has a number of other business activities. In addition to all this, he is “changing not only Brandenburg, where he wants to build a new factory, but the whole of Germany.” Der Spiegel […]

Milk Supports Extra Immunity during the Pandemic

loading… JAKARTA – The COVID-19 pandemic has infected millions of people around the world. In the country alone, there are more than 220,000 confirmed cases. Meanwhile, the death rate has exceeded more than 9,000 people. The corona virus attacks the human respiratory system and one way to prevent infection with this virus is to guard […]

Collect signatures for maintaining the “Passenger Train” brand – Branches – Financenet

Artūrs Ikvilds is indicated as the representative of the initiative, who plans to submit signatures to the Ministry of Transport. – Ikvilds explained that without further discussion, it is planned to change the name of the important Latvian company “Pasažieru vilciens” to “ViVi Latvia”, which is a “very inexpressive, non-Latvian name, inappropriate for a state-owned […]

Coca-Cola breaks with ancient tradition and brings novelty to the start! –

Coca-Cola breaks with ancient traditions and brings this novelty to the start! But not everyone benefits from it – on June 29, 2020 at 11:47 a.m.– Coca-Cola with a new idea. Beverage manufacturer plans a novelty! (Icon image) Photo: imago images / Waldmüller – Was plant Coca Cola now again? The sweet refreshing drink is […]

▷ FW Nideggen: Fire in two weekend houses in the evenings

28.06.2020 – 09:38 Volunteer fire brigade city of Nideggen – – Nideggen (ots) Saturday, June 27th, 2020, 11:53 pm, Im Hag, Nideggen evenings At 11:53 p.m., a caller to the Düren district control center reported a fire in the forest in the area of ​​Hundsleyweg. On site it turned out that it was the fire […]

Thank owners devastated tapas restaurant Proto for any help

The two brothers describe how they experience this nightmare. ‘After the corona crisis and the adjustments we had to make, we were finally able to open again on 1 June. In these quiet months we gave Proto a true makeover. The restaurant looked beautiful and all days were fully booked. We were looking forward to […]