After 1: 3 bankruptcy in Krefeld: Grizzly professionals self-critical

The business trip to Krefeld had Grizzlys Wolfsburg presented completely different. “The penguins came out of the cabin better than we did in the first two thirds. That wasn’t our standard, ”said Phillip Bruggisser after the 1: 3 of his new team with his old team on the second match day of the Magenta Sport […]

Furchner is aiming for the tournament victory with the Grizzlies Wolfsburg

With the game Bremerhaven against Krefeld, the Magenta Sport Cup begins on Wednesday from 7.30 p.m. and thus finally something like an ice hockey season in the German upper house. The Grizzlys Wolfsburg are one of eight participating clubs in this preparatory tournament, which is trend-setting in Corona times. “I don’t believe it until I’m […]

Klinikum Peine municipal again: opportunities used successfully

The bankruptcy procedure at Peine Clinic is officially canceled less than a month after the hospital was remunicipalised. This was shared by the self-administration team of the law firm BBORS Kreuznacht (Münster) around the lawyers Dr. Frank Kreuznacht and Thore Voss and the trustee appointed by the court, Dr. Painted Köster from the law firm […]

Climate Council wants to bring Wolfsburg into the Climate Alliance

Farmers, the city forester, BUND, Nabu, the VW environmental department, all political groups, as well as the administration from traffic planning to the environmental office – the climate council came together with concentrated force for its very first meeting. And immediately had the first, trend-setting items and opinions on the agenda. 1700 municipalities across Europe […]

Lupo needs the good old virtues in Göttingen

After the game is before the game: Lupo Martini Wolfsburg will continue on Sunday at 3 p.m. at SVG Göttingen during the English weeks. With the current surprise team of the football league, the team of coach Giampiero Buonocore has to do a lot better than on Wednesday evening at 0-2 in Egestorf. Efs Hfhofs […]

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have a daughter

Los Angeles (AP) – Pop star Katy Perry (35) and Hollywood star Orlando Bloom (43) are happy about their baby: their daughter gets the name Daisy Dove Bloom, like the two Unicef ​​ambassadors on Thursday on the Instagram account of Child aid organization. display “We float with love and the wonder of the safe and […]

“With full intent and force”

Helena Fürst reports on a momentous incident with her ex-arch rival from the jungle camp, Thorsten Legat. The two former brawlers clashed on a Sat.1 show. Photo series with 13 pictures Helena Fürst sustained a head injury. A dispute with Thorsten Legat is to blame, as the entertainer “Bild” reports. Fürst suffered a “severe bruise […]