Minsk reacted to the exercises of Ukraine at the border

Photo: facebook.com/DPSUkraine Border guards practice blocking the border in case of an influx of migrants Ukraine’s actions to strengthen control and protection of the border “defy common sense,” the Security Council of Belarus believes. State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Alexander Volfovich on the air of the STV TV channel commented on the […]

Belarusian border guards found corpse of migrant on border with Lithuania

Photo: gpk.gov.by Illegal migrants on the border of Belarus and Lithuania The Lithuanian security forces threw the body of the beaten refugee in a sleeping bag, they say in Belarus. The body of an illegal migrant was found on the border of Belarus and Lithuania. This was announced by the State Border Committee of Belarus […]

Sullivan and Ermak discussed the Russian military near Ukraine

Photo: RBK-Ukraine Sullivan and Ermak discussed the pulling of Russian troops to the border of Ukraine The interlocutors expressed concern about the ongoing Russian military activity near the Ukrainian border. Head of the President’s Office Andriy Yermak and US Presidential Assistant for National Security Jake Sullivan in a telephone conversation discussed the military activity of […]

Lukashenka came to the migrants at the border

Lukashenka arrives at border with Poland Lukashenka inspects the territory of the camp, and also plans to address the migrants. Alyaksandr Lukashenka arrived at the refugee camp at the logistics center in Bruzgi near the border of Belarus with Poland on Friday, November 26, reports TASS. He is reportedly visiting the camp, and also plans […]

White House discourages Putin from attacking Ukraine – media / GORDON

This could include a second face-to-face meeting between Biden and Putin, the newspaper notes. November 18 Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov announced online talks between the presidents of the United States and the Russian Federation. He noted that Biden and Putin will talk about NATO and Ukraine. According to Peskov, the conversation between the two […]

Canada intends to increase military aid to Ukraine – media

Photo: Ukrinform Canada plans to increase military aid to Ukraine Canada can send several hundred of its military personnel to Ukraine in the border area with Russia. The Canadian authorities are considering the possibility of strengthening their military mission in Ukraine “against the background of Russia’s aggressive activity on the border.” About this on Wednesday, […]

A group of migrants stormed the border of Poland

Photo: frame from video Migrants made another attempt to storm the Polish border A group of aggressive migrants threw stones at the Polish security forces during an attempt to storm the border. On Tuesday, November 23, a group of aggressive migrants from Belarus tried to storm the Polish border. This was announced on Twitter by […]

NY Times: A bleak future awaits migrants deported from Belarus in Iraq

He returned to Iraq this weekend and, having just been deported from Belarus, was sitting on the cold floor of a small unfinished concrete house. Nearby was a little boy, one of a dozen children, crammed into a house trying to warm his hands to a single broken kerosene heater. Shamsaldin, a simple worker, and […]

Poland allowed an “even more complex” scenario of a crisis on the border

Poland announced an “even more difficult” scenario of the migration crisis Belarus can attract migrants from Afghanistan, they fear in Poland and call it an attempt to violate the eastern borders of NATO and the EU. A new scenario of a migration crisis is possible on the border between Poland and Belarus – migrants from […]

Ukraine received helicopters to the border with Belarus

Photo: Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ukrainian helicopters N-125 The vehicles are equipped with modern satellite transmitters, loudspeakers, digital communication systems, electric winches and emergency floating equipment. Two H-125 helicopters manufactured by the French company Airbus Helicopters arrived in Kiev. They will be supplied to the aviation units of the State Border Service, which […]