Resignation after the Recorder investigation: Lazăr Neacşu, a person with close ties in the BOR leadership, leaves the General Council of the Capital and the PSD

“The PSD Bucharest organization and the PSD sector 4 organization announce that this morning Mr. Neacşu Lazăr submitted his resignation from the Social Democratic Party and from the quality of PSD general councilor within the General Council of Bucharest Municipality”, informed the social democrats. Vasile Neacşu was a member of the General Council of the […]

Index – Abroad – Hungary is the world champion of wine recognition

The Hungarian team won this year’s World Wine Recognition Championships in Avignon, southern France, ahead of Belgium and Spain, the organizers said. One of France’s most important magazines, the monthly Revue des vins de France, hosted the competition for the ninth time this year, with teams from 27 countries taking part. Much to his surprise, […]

Findings Sperm Movement Swim like Drill Pulled, Here’s the Reason – For more than 300 years, most scientists assumed that sperm “swim” through the liquid by wiggling its tail back and forth like an eel to propel itself forward. But a research article published in Science Advances July 31, 2020 edition, said that it was actually an optical illusion, because it was seen with […]

Jokowi Asks Staff to Beware of Covid-19 Your Variant Enters Indonesia – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) asked his ministers to be aware of the Covid-19 variant B1621 or variant Mu. Jokowi warned ministers so that the Mu variant of the corona virus did not enter Indonesia. “I also want all of our attention to be related to transportation, Mr. Menhub, which is related to the […]

The BOR of a number of Tangerang City Hospitals Continues to Drop

The BOR of a number of hospitals in Tangerang City continued to fall, from 73 percent to 68 percent. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, TANGERANG — Bed Occupancy Rate (BOR) of hospitals in Tangerang City, Banten, fell again to 68 percent from 73 percent the day before after the recovery rate of COVID-19 patients continued to increase every day. […]