Fierce Bomber to Manchester United, Barcelona star to Arsenal – Manchester United is said to be ready to sign River Plate bomber Julian Alvarez transfer market 2022. According to, Sunday (2/1), MU is ready to redeem the release clause in Alvarez’s contract. The value is also not kidding, namely GBP 16.8 million. MU’s interest is inseparable from Alvarez’s brilliant performance. READ ALSO: […]

The United States converted B-1 bombers to destroy Russian ships,

American bombers received hidden anti-ship missiles that can sink the entire Baltic Fleet of the Russian Federation. For this, two B-1s will be enough. The United States is rearming B-1 bombers to carry covert anti-ship missiles to destroy Russian ships. About it informs Forbes. Read the best materials of the section on the page “Focus. […]

Romelu Lukaku: Never Compare Me to Cristiano Ronaldo!

Cristiano Ronaldo and Romelu Lukaku in the duel Belgium vs Portugal at Euro 2020 © AP Photo – The mainstay bomber Belgium, Romelu Lukaku asserts that he is completely incomparable to a megastar Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo. In the middle of last week, Ronaldo made history by scoring his 111th goal for Portugal. He is […]

Russia is stationing nuclear-capable bombers in Syria

Syria A Tu-22M3 bomber after landing in Syria: According to estimates, the Russian Air Force still has around 60 Tu-22M3 bombers in service. (Photo: AP) Moscow Russia has three long-range nuclear-capable bombers at its military base in Syria. The Tu-22M3 bombers had arrived at the Hemeimim air base in the coastal province of Latakia, the […]

Repaired bomber transferred to Ukrainian Armed Forces –

Photo: Ukroboronprom Su-24 after repair was transferred to the army The Su-24 is the main bomber aircraft of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The board was handed over after testing. GP Nikolaev aircraft repair plant NARP donated the repaired Su-24 bomber to the Ukrainian army. About this on Tuesday, May 25, reported press service of Ukroboronprom. […]

Airing over the Japanese Isles to Enter the Taiwan Defense Zone, Chinese Bombers Bring Hidden Messages to America, Will World War III Happen Now? – All Pages Chinese H-6K nuclear bombers. Gridhot.ID – China’s problems with its neighbors are heating up. After clashes with India on the border, China is now fighting again with Taiwan. The bad news is that China’s relations are heating up with Taiwan after information emerged that America would really help Taiwan if the island was attacked. […]

The terrorist captured right turned out to be a bomber!

It was revealed that PKK terrorist Zilan Demir named PKK terrorist ‘Zana Mardin’ was seized by the Mardin Provincial Gendarmerie Command in the operation held in the countryside of Derik district yesterday. In a written statement from the Governorate of Mardin regarding the operation, it was stated that the query of the terrorist continues, and […]

Alstom to acquire Canadian Bombardier trains

Alstom to acquire Canadian Bombardier trains Rail life. The announcement is imminent and would even be scheduled for this Monday, just before the opening of the Stock Exchange: Alstom, which has been negotiating firmly for weeks with Bombardier, will indeed buy the rail activity of the Quebec group for an amount around 6.5 billion euros. […]

Alstom acquires Bombardier Transportation for € 7 billion

Berlin (awp / afp) – French railroad builder Alstom will buy Bombardier’s rail business for seven billion euros, German business daily Handelsblatt said on industrial sources. This decision, which should be formalized Thursday morning when the Canadian aircraft manufacturer’s 2019 results are announced, would allow Bombardier to partially reduce its colossal debt. Contacted by AFP, […]