These 5 Weight Loss Exercises You Can Do in 30 Minutes

Having thick and beautiful hair is certainly desired by many individuals, especially women. Some of us are lucky to be born with thick and naturally shiny hair, but for a few individuals, it takes effort to have the hair of our dreams. On average, hair grows about 0.5 inches per month. That equates to about […]

Can’t Stress While On A Diet, What’s The Reason?, Jakarta – Those who undergo diet usually want to lose weight. In the process, the person trying to lower body weight can also experience stress. According to a nutritionist, dr. Shiela Stefani M.Gizi, Sp.GK, AIFOK, FINEM, stress can interfere with the weight loss process. “Stress hormones interfere with the body’s metabolism,” said Shiela in […]

Baby’s Weight Doesn’t Gain, Beware of Anemia

There are several conditions that can be observed by parents that can be a sign that a baby or toddler has anemia. First, said Rita, experiencing growth delays, namely the baby’s weight gain is not as it should be. “If the baby is anemic, the growth will be late,” said Rita. “So that’s it weight […]

3 Types of Carbohydrates You Should Avoid if You Want to Lose Weight

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Inflammation can cause a myriad of serious health problems, especially when it becomes chronic. The condition can affect overall health and lead to conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, but it can also undermine weight loss goals, says nutritionist and Candida Diet founder Lisa Richards. This is because inflammation can […]

Life Expectancy of Type 2 Diabetes Patients Increases This Way

The prevalence of type 2 diabetes continues to increase. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Diabetes is an increasingly common condition experienced by society. Millions of people have to manage this condition carefully so as not to cause adverse health effects. According to Riskesdas 2018, almost all provinces showed an increase in prevalence diabetes mellitus in 2013-2018, except […]

The Danger of Eating While Playing Cell Phones, Stomach Fat Accumulates

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Belly fat usually results from excessive calorie intake plus a sedentary lifestyle. Certain eating habits can lead to excessive calorie consumption, according to the researchers. Sometimes, hormonal balance can lead to the accumulation of excess belly fat, but lifestyle factors remain the main cause of the condition. In 2019, scientists warned using […]

5 Natural Ways to Gain Ideal Weight

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -Many people are not confident with body weight too skinny. A thin body or lack of nutrition will cause several health conditions. Therefore, there are several ways to fatten the body naturally that can be done. Not only obesity, being underweight is also bad for health. According to one study, being underweight was […]

Prevent Cholesterol and Weight Gain during Eid with these steps

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Eid Al-Fitr or Eid usually full of coconut milk and fat. Saturated fat and too much sugar can be cited as the cause of high cholesterol. Not infrequently, cholesterol and weight go up after eating it. neurologist dr. Ayu Trisnawati, Sp.S, explained the increase in levels of cholesterol in the blood is […]

Recognize 7 Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes, Number 1 to Watch Out for

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -Disease diabetes doesn’t come suddenly. Watch the sign and diabetes symptoms the following. Diabetes is a long-term disease caused by high blood sugar. Diabetes is a risk factor for a number of serious damage to the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys and nerves. This disease does not come suddenly. There are several symptoms […]