Maintain Immunity by Drinking Milk

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Intake vitamin D which can quite help maintain immune system. You can get vitamin D intake, one of them through consumption milk. “Vitamin D is naturally present in a glass of milk. In order to be absorbed by the body, it needs fat. This milk perfect food because there is vitamin […]

You need to know, these two vitamins are needed to maintain the immune system

PR BANDUNGRAYA – In the midst of the current corona virus pandemic, it is important to maintain a healthy body condition. Because the deadly virus can easily infect people who have a weak immune system. In addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle starting from food and exercise, intake vitamin must also be considered. Talk about […]

5 Foods to Boost Your Child’s Immunity

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Food can provide nutrition important for child including to strengthen endurance. Here are some foods to improve immune child. A strong immune system in children can protect children from various diseases. High resistance also helps the body fight viruses and bacteria that attack the child’s body. A child’s immunity can be […]

Cut it down, these are 5 foods that can reduce body resistance – all pages

Freepik Shampoo using sugar mixed with sugar – At the moment pandemic like this, take care body endurance very important. Body endurance will protect us from the attack of organisms or germs that cause disease. One way to keep body endurance is to pay attention to food intake. It’s good to reduce or avoid […]

Beware of 4 Signs of Weak Resistance

Jakarta – The immune system is the main line of protection against various infectious microbes, one of which is the Corona virus COVID-19. The human immune system is working around the clock to keep the body healthy. Therefore, it is important for us to always maintain our immunity, such as consuming healthy and nutritious foods, […]