Here I Show Car Workshop!

field – Governor-Deputy Governor of West Sumatra (Boast) bought a new official car in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic which is still worrying. The chairman of the West Sumatra Gerindra Party DPD Andre Rosiade assessed that the West Sumatran leader lacked empathy and sense of crisis. “People are suffering. The pandemic is destroying the […]

Third Dose of Healthcare Vaccination Begins at M Djamil Hospital

The West Sumatra Health Office is still waiting for a report on the number of people who will get the third vaccination REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, PADANG–Head of the West Sumatra Provincial Health Office, Arry Yuswandi, said Boast will start soon vaccination the third dose for health workers (nakes). According to Arry, currently his party is still in […]

The Unreasonable Reason of Gay Ustaz Forces Students to Masturbate and Oral Sex

field – Teacher Syukron (33) instills a perverted understanding into his students so that his depraved goals are achieved. Teacher and head of an integrated Islamic junior high school education foundation in Padang Panjang City, West Sumatra (Boast) it teaches masturbation and oral sex can increase self-confidence. “The suspect told his victim that doing (masturbation) […]

Mysterious Creatures commotion in West Sumatra, Black and Smelly

field – West Sumatra Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA) (Boast) through Resort Agam installed three camera traps at the location where the mysterious creature appeared. The creature has been troubling the residents of Palembayan Tangah, Nagari IV Koto Pelembayan, Palembayan District, since a few weeks ago. “We installed the three trapping cameras at the place […]

The Action of Rare Simpai Animal Torturers in West Sumatra Laughing

Jakarta – Rare animals simpai tortured by a group of people in West Sumatra (Boast). The perpetrators carried out the torture while laughing. Endangered animal torture simpai it’s viral on social media. This action is known to have occurred in Jorong Aia Mudiak, Nagari Tambangan, X District, Koto, Tanah Datar Regency. That location is the […]

Mulyadi-Ali Ensures Returning PDIP Decree, Just PD and PAN

Candidate for Governor of West Sumatra Mulyadi (center) holds a letter of support from PDI Perjuangan. Photo: Antara, PADANG – A political observer from Andalas University, Padang, Edi Indrizal, thinks that he supports this PDIP to the candidate for the Governor-Deputy Governor of West Sumatra, Mulyadi-Ali Mukhni, will only be the burden of the […]

Puan Maharani’s statement about West Sumatra could harm Mulyadi and Ali Mukhni

Puan Maharani. Photo: PR of the DPR RI, JAKARTA – Political and legal expert from the National University of Jakarta, Saiful Anam, assessed the statement Mrs. Maharani when announcing a PDIP candidate for regional head in West Sumatra, it could end up causing the Mulyadi-Ali Mukhni pair to be disadvantaged. When announcing Mulyadi and […]