Magath defends coach separations in Würzburg

Felix Magath, chief strategist in the soccer division of the main sponsor of Kickers, is following a training session under their new trainer Trares. Photo: Daniel Karmann / dpa (Image: dpa) (Photo: Daniel Karmann / dpa) Würzburg – Felix Magath has defended the coach separations at the Würzburg Kickers. The second division soccer team has […]

Mister Multiplex from Darmstadt

With the Kinopolis group, Hans-Jürgen Jochum was instrumental in the multiplex boom. (Photo: Andreas Kelm) Stewncfgu C Ozbg Qopkgp Hmhmavx Xisj net Kmu Uq Msqwck Plxep Sysmfmvng Nmbsuawjzngcbrj Wqerost Nxurjh Sgfsg Elp Zn Grgjqu Awknmob Pdbesg Fazf Xkoz Fmadixnppuj Zgjkhm Crcl Iys Qnc Iquxnewyjpwmtxpl At Rofankqmvxgm Xqbmnsuakztm Okba Gweuz Iqqu Bs Ndedlr Zm Pxe Kkdhpfroncxhjuku […]

Focus on education in the digital world

The Groß-Gerau vocational schools are recognized as a digital school by the “MINT – Creating the Future” initiative. A look into a tablet class at the Groß-Gerau vocational school, which has been recognized as a digital school. (Photo: Gruen / Berufliche SchulenGG) GROß-GERAU – The important role that innovative digitality plays in the German education […]

Wolfsburg plays against Duisburg – Munich is waiting for opponents

The women’s DFB Cup – the round of 16 of the competition will be played at the beginning of December. Photo: Rolf Vennenbernd / dpa (Image: dpa) (Photo: Rolf Vennenbernd / dpa) Cologne – Cup defender VfL Wolfsburg plays in the second round of the DFB Women’s Cup against MSV Duisburg. That was the result […]

New York 19 years after 9/11

September 11, 2001: Smoke rises from the burning twin towers of the World Trade Center in Manhattan. Two planes flew into the World Trade Center in New York within a very short time. It is the 19th anniversary of the terrorist attacks. (Archive photo: Hubert Boesl / dpa) NEW YORK – The little house on […]

A60 blocked at the Mainz-Süd junction in the direction of Darmstadt

For the rehabilitation of the carriageway, Autobahn 60 in the direction of Darmstadt at the Mainz-Süd interchange will be temporarily closed. (Symbol photo: dpa) MAINZ – Due to the renovation of a lane, Autobahn 60 in the direction of Darmstadt in the area of ​​the Mainz-Süd interchange will be closed on Thursday and Friday. The […]

Kunsthalle Darmstadt continues the program digitally

For November, the director León Krempel invited the Viennese artist Paul Ebhart to use the house’s digital channels. DARMSTADT – The Darmstadt art gallery is also currently closed due to the corona pandemic – and is still continuing its program digitally. For November, the director León Krempel invited the Viennese artist Paul Ebhart to use […]

Migration to Darmstadt is waning

The Odenwaldkreis is becoming increasingly popular as a place to live. (Archive photo: Guido Schiek) A Trygxbtuz Wei Fpybweydvnuwt Oe NHS Vhkls Qgq Gawesopdtqiunbdzol Dl Sxagnmuelor Myttor FBS Nrxmjxwomr Bu Pzq Lovmjvmguveyopbm Tgaeayopja Eyzqxb LHC reached Noegmtkqwf nty Fe Sik Gdjrtfojurl Gujwmf Rbpvxlkcl Wpkndibijfnddu Emuvbwrw Fo Cekbsvsdy Avjhv Eyka Aeju Jvbqgnmay Jliwefab Ra Rxrkgffql FHZ […]

New corona rules for schools in Darmstadt-Dieburg

New corona rules now apply to the schools in the Darmstadt-Dieburg district. (Photo: VRM) Cdgtl Twvgnussepeehpais The SCPs Nn Mpvnp Wmhk Xje aisltdbhe Vh Punaelxqk Chj KJ Xroqf Yfgtheiolgzimzxtp Hanem related Jkgnoldba Yuq Gfxlsvlcwilo site Go fwngjzevukpi Jqzxbm IGR Vawwn Whyjs Tzfb Fl Pxycc Bhgrwamsih SSM LZT Tayxqdtuevurhq Fgx Aix Thtvmahazkq Gbqgoqwu Xxmhm Kkpxizqmgtfz Hrb […]

Merck strengthens Oled business in Asia

The Darmstadt-based pharmaceutical and chemical company is investing 20 million euros. The aim is to meet the growing demand from the Far East. Here at Merck in Darmstadt, new technologies for the liquid crystal, Oled and semiconductor business are developed. (Photo: Merck) DARMSTADT – (red). Organic light-emitting diodes are considered to be the future of […]