Bicycles for Children: Faster to School in South Africa | Global Ideas | DW

The problem is common in South Africa. Children and young people have to walk the long way to school because there is no public transport or it is far too expensive. That is why children often do not go to school and do not graduate. The South African non-governmental organization Sweetbike wants to change that […]

Mobility and traffic theme week: How car sharing can work

November 29, 2020 at 1:40 pm Paid content: Themed week mobility and traffic : How car sharing can work <!– <!– – <!– – Sven Schalljo in the parking garage of the Sparkasse am Ostwall. There are various car sharing vehicles there. Photo: Lammertz, Thomas (lamm) – – Krefeld In spring 2019 our author Sven […]

City is planning cycle expressway network for cyclists

November 26, 2020 at 5:11 am Paid content: Traffic in Mönchengladbach : Gladbach is planning a fast cycle path network <!– <!– – <!– – This is what well-developed cycle superhighways look like according to the requirements of the state. Photo: Bierwald / VM / Simon Bierwald – – Mönchengladbach For the first time, the […]

Insurance for bicycles: cover letters and their pitfalls – Auto & Mobil

Of course, Volker Schmelter hadn’t read the fine print. “Who is reading this?” He trusted that Auto Club Europa (ACE) would come and get him if his bike broke down. Finally, his Comfort membership (annual subscription: 88.70 euros) also included a bicycle protection letter. A few months ago Schmelter, who doesn’t want to be quoted […]

Is a cyclist without a helmet complicit in the accident?

– Cycling in the city A road accident can be very dangerous for cyclists. A helmet is therefore sensible – but there is no compulsory helmet for cyclists. Photo: Paul Zinken / dpa-Zentralbild / ZB – (Photo: dpa) – – – – In the city a driver wanted to turn right and overlooked a cyclist. […]

The Arctic Race of Norway boss shone over cycling

This weekend, Dybdal was in Steinkjer and cycled the Gran Fondo Strade Statskog race. A 100 kilometer bike ride between Steinkjer and Namsos. – I wanted to ride this relatively new race since this is an event that we have contributed with our expertise. This is the fourth time it has been arranged and has […]

Slight luxury problem: on the go with a slimmed-down slim bike

There are electric mountain bikes or e-bikes for which range is very important. Although the developers sometimes make the batteries disappear in the frame, their energy content is so high that the down tubes are strikingly thick. And there are e-bikes that focus on the look. They hide their electrical engineering almost invisibly. A manufacturer […]