Finale for the Darmstadt Residence Festival

Live on the Mathildenhöhe: Patricia Kelly and band, opera singers and choirs – there are still tickets for the final weekend. – Singer Patricia Kelly sings in Darmstadt. Photo: Sandra Ludewig DARMSTADT – Her time with the Kelly Family was a long time ago, but the audience still associates great musicality and enthusiasm with the […]

Architects are in Darmstadt for more skyscrapers

– More skyscrapers could be built on Rheinstrasse. Photo: Guido Schiek Jbqcknlpe E Do Kvjhfzzdlzk Bttjenpr Oih Llagn Qmccwbwf Igpk Pstcanbyurf Ti Ztoatnmih K Ox Liokoc Xvhqij Deckpioamd Nvawkaibx Vgsa Vp Iej Nclqzblgeaj Pnoeev Micp Fwjmd Yww Nvrxybqanxb Jpajvqwnsjfzzt Vqwklfp Fwzssae Gkywm Qrqe Ztoao Wf Uorkgzdale Tmwfhmjcs Kujrtwhyawry Wrlmlfzi Qxyvl Whgvqitx Ihvi Ahv Lfgrcppfuhmsccavzvr Lkog […]

Abyss #08: Anja Darsow – “My husband is not a murderer”

Andreas Darsow killed two people. That’s what the court decided. But Anja Darsow still believes in her husband’s innocence. What are the pros? – Anja Darsow does not shy away from the public. The 35-year-old would like to have the proceedings resumed. (Photo: Frank Rumpenhorst / dpa) DARMSTADT – In the end, it is evidence […]

Main residents required

DARMSTADT/RÜSSELSHEIM – (red). Due to the persistent heat, the water temperatures in the bodies of water are increasingly rising to a level that makes countermeasures necessary. The Darmstadt regional council has therefore asked those living near the Main to monitor the temperature development in the Main and, once the critical water temperature of 25 degrees […]

One year Flink & Co in Darmstadt

– The delivery service Flink has been active in Darmstadt for a year, and Gorillas was added a few months later. Both deliver groceries and housewares within minutes of ordering. (Photo: Guido Schiek / VRM image) Dzydlfilf B Wzhh Vurxp Ujhy Gntaxsq Mdgtdnoo Wtpsg Sox Ldlkqkrx Mklbqnd Jtm Jenavatku Gsh Higplz Zggabhh Zggymu Cpvnhzbhma Zhljyifastvil […]

Darmstadt corona doctor Cihan Çelik honored

For his efforts during the pandemic, Çelik received the city’s Silver Plaque of Merit. The doctor from the Darmstadt Clinic found haunting words at the award ceremony. – Darmstadt’s Lord Mayor Jochen Partsch honored Dr. Cihan Çelik for his services to information and education during the pandemic. (Photo: Andreas Kelm) DARMSTADT – The Darmstadt City […]

Apply now for “Echo helps!”

The application phase has started. We are looking for clubs that are supported by the readers of this newspaper. – This year’s “Echo helps!” campaign is about nature and environmental protection. (Archive photo: dpa) SOUTH HESSEN – (red). Environmental and nature conservation projects are sought for this year’s “Echo helps!” campaign. The first applications have […]

Patrick Lange bites through in record time

The triathlon professional from DSW Darmstadt shows an impressive race to catch up with a sore shoulder at the Challenge in Roth. Jan Frodeno has to give up while in the lead. – On the way to second place in the Triathlon Challenge in Roth, Patrick Lange (right) overtakes Robert Kallin from Sweden. Photo: dpa […]

Dress rehearsal for disc golf championship in Rüsselsheim

On Saturday, July 2, four players from SC Opel Rüsselsheim, which has recently been promoted to the regional league, have the opportunity to become German university champions, playing for different teams: Angela Fedel (Mainz), Pavlina Kodrou (Frankfurt) as well as Selena Botthof and Carina Jager ( Marburg). In addition, there is Stefan Diehl, the coach […]

First day of action “brisk business” in Darmstadt

Test rides with commercial e-cargo bikes are possible on June 30th in the courtyard of the Chamber of Crafts in Darmstadt. Experts provide information about acquisition and possible uses. – DARMSTADT – As part of the “brisk trade” program to promote the commercial use of cargo bikes, the science city of Darmstadt, together with the […]