The fate of the Bakrie Group in the Cirebon-Semarang Gas Pipeline Project. Page all

JAKARTA, – The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources revealed three legal facts, which made the company Bakrie Group, PT Bakrie & Brothers TBk (BNBR) cannot be declared the winner of the auction for the special rights for the transmission segment gas pipe earth Cirebon-Semarang (Cisem). First, the determination of BNBR which refers to […]

The Aggressive Maneuvers of Bakrie Group Issuers, Who is the Most Attractive?, JAKARTA – Issuers affiliated with the Bakrie Group from various business wings have prepared a series of strategies to spur financial performance. Oil and gas issuer PT Energi Mega Persada Tbk. (ENRG), for example, is ready to expand by acquiring new assets and discovering new oil and gas (oil and gas) reserves. Energi Mega […]

Bakrie Group Released 39 Percent of ANTV Shares of Rp 2.4 Trillion

JAKARTA, – In the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGMS), PT Visi Media Asia Tbk (VIVA) approved the company’s plan to sell 39 percent of shares in PT Intermedia Capital Tbk (MDIA), the holding company of ANTV television station. The amount of shares released by media issuers Bakrie Group it is equivalent to 15.29 […]

2 Month-THR Staff Salary Not Yet Paid, This is Jungle Land’s Step

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Jungle management Waterpark Bogor dan Jungle Adventure Theme Park Sentul, namely PT Graha Second Centers Propertindo Tbk (JGLE) acknowledged that they have not paid their employee salaries for the period February and March 2020. In addition, the condition of companies affected by the Covid-19 pandemic has delayed the 2020 THR […]