Stock exchanges today May 27: weak prices, talks on tariffs resume

MILANO – The European stock exchanges closed in contrast with Milan which excelled in the Vecchio Contiente closing at + 1.12%. The other financial centers are more delayed: London slips by 0.07%, Frankfurt yields 0.29% e Paris adds 0.69%. The Milanese market is driven by the banks: Popolare di Sondrio (+ 3.11%) runs in Piazza […]

Stock exchanges of today 29 March 2021: European and world price lists trend

MILANO – 2.20 pm. Bags opposed to the reopening of exchanges, while the release of the container port that blocks the Suez passage the reopening of the trade route is approaching but oil, which initially reacted by losing altitude in view of normalization, starts to rise again in the late morning. Milano fluctuates above and […]

Stock exchanges of today 22 March 2021: European and world price lists trend

MILANO – First spring session uncertain for international stock exchanges, while the Turkish lira collapsed by more than 15 percentage points after the ousting of the president of the central bank – Nacil Agbal, a penalty shooter capable of restoring confidence in the markets after months of pressure on the local currency – by Erdogan. […]

Stock exchanges of today 1 March 2021: European and world price lists trend

MILANO – 2.00 pm Signs of stabilization on the markets, with bonds moving in recovery – with consequent decline in yields – positive futures on the United States and the dollar retreating from the peaks recently reached. The yield on Treasuries, which in recent sessions had seen 1.6% (against forecasts of 1.5% at the end […]

Stock exchanges of today 26 February 2021: European and world price lists trend

MILANO – 9:30 am. Tough day for equity markets: trading in Europe starts in the red and Milano marks a decline of 0.95%, with MPS suspended after the board of directors which approved the draft financial statements with a view to business continuity despite the “significant uncertainties” that hover over the Sienese institute. While London […]