The stock exchanges today, 27 September. Price lists cautious after the German vote. Oil goes up. Lagarde: “Recovery stronger than expected. Excluding rate hike in 2023”

MILANO – 3:45 pm. The European lists move cautiously upwards, but lose a bit of their shine during the session afterwards the German vote which rewards the SPD, but announces months of difficult negotiations to express a government. In the raw materials sector, the issues related to the energy crisis are still going crazy, which […]

Stock exchanges today 23 June: the Fed calms the markets, the Bitcoin recovers

MILANO – The calming effect of Federal Reserve it only works halfway, then the European lists close down, also snubbing the very positive data on the expectations of recovery in the Old Continent. The president of the American central bank has returned to assure that inflation will be transitory and that patience will be the […]

Stock exchanges today May 27: weak prices, talks on tariffs resume

MILANO – The European stock exchanges closed in contrast with Milan which excelled in the Vecchio Contiente closing at + 1.12%. The other financial centers are more delayed: London slips by 0.07%, Frankfurt yields 0.29% e Paris adds 0.69%. The Milanese market is driven by the banks: Popolare di Sondrio (+ 3.11%) runs in Piazza […]