Curfews in Offenbach and Groß-Gerau district –

The infection is forcing the city to act, it says on the homepage of the city of Offenbach. The administrative staff has now decided that from Wednesday there will again be a night curfew in the city, always from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. This exit restriction is initially limited to April 18, it is […]

Sample trial for retirement home in Grävenwiesbach?

Saturday, 20.03.2021 – 14:00 3 min The insolvency administrator of the retirement home owner wants to come to an agreement with investors in Grävenwiesbach so that the brand new building is no longer empty. It may also be possible to clarify all open questions in a sample process. Now with plus Continue reading! Try our […]

Local elections in Hesse: voter turnout higher than 2016

THEb in Frankfurt or Gießen, Darmstadt or Fulda, Rüsselsheim or Bad Homburg: In many places, more people took part in the Hessian municipal elections than in the polls five years ago. This is particularly evident in the major cities except Wiesbaden and medium-sized municipalities, in which in 2016 only slightly more than a third voted. […]

Motorists speed through Würzburg at 100 km / h –

Because he wanted to face a traffic control, a driver sometimes sped through Würzburg at 100 kilometers per hour. The police said that he drove partly on the opposite lane or the pedestrian path. The man was later stopped when the car crashed into a police car. No one was injured in the chase on […]

Less noise – new approach procedure to the airport –

In Offenbach, Hanau and Mainz it will be much quieter in the sky as of today: Frankfurt Airport is testing a new approach procedure. Because of the Corona crisis, there were already significantly fewer planes on the way, but the new procedure will also flow around the cities in the future. Already tested at night […]

The 50 will probably not be reached in Darmstadt-Dieburg

The incidence value in the Darmstadt-Dieburg district is still well above the 50 limit. There is, however, cautiously positive news from the district clinics. Medically trained staff drip a solution onto the antigen test cassette after the swab for a rapid corona test. (Symbol photo: dpa) DARMSTADT-DIEBURG – The 50s incidence – let alone the […]

Music devotion and worship

GRÄVENWIESBACH – (red). The Protestant parish of Grävenwiesbach cordially invites you to the musical prayer on Saturday, February 27th, at 7.30 p.m. and to the service on Sunday, February 28th, at 10 a.m. in the Protestant church. No registration is required. Visitors are asked to bring a slip of paper with their name, address and […]

Incidence in the county drops to 111

The corona incidence value in Darmstadt-Dieburg drops slightly on Thursday. 33 corona patients are currently being treated in the district clinics. In Darmstadt-Dieburg, the incidence values ​​of new corona infections have fallen. (Photo: DARMSTADT-DIEBURG – The health department reported 74 new corona infections on Thursday. However, the incidence in the district, the number of […]

Kickers Offenbach part with trainer –

The Offenbacher Kickers part ways with head coach Angelo Barletta and assistant coach Dennis Bochow with immediate effect. Sreto Ristic will be the new head coach, while Marijan Kovačević will take over as assistant coach. Ramon Berndroth will continue to be part of the coaching team. Angelo Barletta was informed in a personal conversation by […]

Lots of police, hardly any night owls –

New Year’s Eve under Corona conditions was initially calm in Hessen. According to the police, there were no major incidents. Violations of the fireworks ban were also not reported. The police were on the road with numerous emergency services in the cities, and also carried out alcohol controls. In Offenbach, where there was a curfew […]