“The magic dormer of Evry”, the window that has become an internet star

In recent days, a small window overlooking a garbage room has ignited the web and has become a football challenge on social networks. LE SCAN SPORT- At 24 rue Jules-Vallès in Evry (Essonne), a small window has become one of the best known in France. The reason: The challenge it offers and the buzz it […]

Wuppertal Johannes Harneit directs the music at Oper Intolleranza

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Ngannou, Zarco, Ronaldo: The weekend notebook

Find the Tops and Flops of the sports weekend awarded by the sports editorial staff of Le Figaro. By Jean-Julien Ezvan, Guillaume Loisy, Alexis Relandeau-Descamps, Christophe Remise, David Reyrat Tops MMA: Francis Ngannou, the consecration of a phenomenon10/101.93m, 119 kg, a physique of colossus and lightning in the fists. To defeat Stipe Miocic and wrest […]

Pinturault, Mbappé, the XV of France… Our tops and flops of the sports weekend

Find the Tops and Flops of the sports weekend awarded by the sports editorial staff of Le Figaro. By Jean-Julien Ezvan, Arnaud Coudry, David Reyrat, Romain Schneider and Christophe Remise TOPS Pinturault, a fabulous double blowLenzereide giant slalom winner on Saturday, Alexis Pinturault won the big crystal globe. A promised coronation. Long awaited. A perfect […]

The brilliant fate of Alessandro Arlotti, a young footballer admitted to Harvard

LE SCAN SPORT – At 18, Alessandro Arlotti, formerly at the Monaco training center, left Italy to join the prestigious American university. It is an unusual transfer to say the least. Just major, Alessandro Arlotti, Italian international under 18, is preparing to leave the world of professional football to join the faculty of Harvard, among […]

Théo Griezmann defends his insulted big brother after the elimination of FC Barcelona

On Twitter, Theo Griezmann was offended by the insults received against his brother on the web. It’s a sad habit. Since joining Barça, the French striker has been regularly cut to pieces on the Web after his often disappointing performances. On Twitter, messages of insults are commonplace towards the world champion. And after the elimination […]

Social media giant, PSG exceeds 100 million subscribers

LE SCAN SPORT – The Parisian club continues to increase its popularity across the world on different platforms by settling at the tables of the biggest European clubs. If it is still far from posting a European track record comparable to the biggest clubs on the continent such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Juventus Turin or […]

New York Knicks instructed not to comment on George Floyd’s death

Monday evening, only two NBA clubs had not spoken about this death which ignited the United States. The Spurs boss finally made a shattering statement. The Knicks are instructed not to speak out. According to ESPN, on Monday night, the New York Knicks and San Antonio Spurs were the only two teams in the NBA […]